His Master’s Voice is probably about to be gagged. Nearly six years after being saved by a restructuring firm, HMV Canada has a lender eager to force it into receivership. The 333 Yonge flagship has this new video to be remembered by—evidently produced without fear of shoppers getting in the way:

Tim Hortons leaps over the “fucken wall.” Restaurant Brands International announced a joint venture to bring Timbits to Mexico. The move is in line with what was promised in the tax inversion deal that made Burger King technically Canadian. (Clearly, it’s all just a build-up to a Donald Trump tweet disparaging the Whopper.)

Stephen Harper is lurking like a Twitter troll. On the heels of Justin Trudeau admitting that his recent helicopter trip to the Aga Khan's private island was his second during his time as Liberal leader, a certain predecessor shared a few snapshots:

“Is Kellie Leitch for real?” The most thorough National Post attempt to answer that question involves talking to regular folk boosting her Conservative leadership bid. Their thoughts are certainly more compelling than Arlene Dickinson taking yet another whack at calling Kevin O’Leary a narcissistic sociopath. With the two candidates having obliterated media interest in any of the other leadership hopefuls, it’s safe for Slate to publish an article about “Two Aspiring Canadian Trumps.” 

Today's edition of 12:36 is brought to you by Passport 2017. A cold and dark weekend in Toronto is a good time to drink something different—like the maple-infused mulled wine made famous by Quebec City’s winter carnival. Check out the recipe for the Caribou at passport2017.ca.

This fugliest home in Toronto is asking for more than ever. Morbid curiosity grows about this recently rebuilt house at 62 King Edward Avenue in the Woodbine-Lumsden area, which was listed in August at $748,899, dropped to $690,000 by October, and is now relisted for $879,900.

The NFL is still hoping to overturn the CRTC's ruling on Super Bowl ads. The league claims that it got the controversy on President Trump’s radar. That is, unless he intends to use it to get riled up:

Journalists cringe at the idea of a handout. Paul Wells took particular umbrage at the Public Policy Forum’s suggestion that a $100-million federal fund be created to bolster the news industry. A prevailing sentiment among the Toronto Star tribe is that it’s up to consumers to pay up, even though Torstar chair John Honderich recently explained that there’s no reason to expect that would work. (Meanwhile, the New York Times says about 44,000 people in Canada are paying for its product.)

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Mayor John Tory's parting words in his response to premier Kathleen Wynne's freshly stated opposition to his request for road tolls.

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