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SkeenaWild Conservation Trust The Stream: Your Regional Update

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April 2014

Spring sees the return of many animals, birds, insects and of course ... fish.  And while the trademark of April may be rain and warmer temperatures, this month we are excited to bring to the forefront April Vokey, owner of FlyGal Ventures, advocate of the Skeena Watershed and Ambassador of SkeenaWild. 

As well, find out how we have been helping our region to better understand the bigger picture and potential impacts when it comes to LNG.  Learn about how you can get involved with our upcoming events, Douglas Channel Watch and more.  Read on. 

Rockin' the River with April Vokey

Something that always gets us excited is connecting and talking with conservationists and anglers.  This is especially true when we get to chat with an empowered woman who is rockin' the field. We absolutely love a 'FlyGal' who is following her passion, sharing, teaching and supporting others who are interested in the world of Fly Fishing. April Vokey embodies this with her enthusiasm and experience and we knew she would be the perfect inspiration.

We're thrilled to have April onboard the SkeenaWild team as an SWCT Ambassador. The SkeenaWild Ambassador Program promotes global education of local conservation issues that impact the Skeena watershed.  It aims to empower people with the knowledge, resources and tools to ensure the long-term sustainability of our communities and ecosystems.

April loves traveling the world during part of BC’s winter and is currently in the midst of devoting much of her time attempting to grow the sport in the heart of sunny Australia.  She is the owner of Flygal Ventures where she guides and teaches aspiring anglers of the sport. 

April discusses with SWCT her connection to the Northwest, conservation, fun memories, tips and advice on gear!



SkeenaWild Explores the Bigger Picture of LNG

With the vast number of LNG projects moving ahead in the Northwest, SkeenaWild has been active in assessing cumulative effects and encouraging a call for regional planning.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have participated in an array of forums and have met with media to share a wider perspective and contribute to the bigger picture of the ongoing LNG dialogue.  From interviews with CBC and CFTK's Open Connection to a presentation to Terrace City Council to attending National Geographic's 'Great Energy Question'.  Learn more about the awareness we have been creating and how you can help.



Get Set for the Garbathon

Join the City of Terrace, Terrace Beautification Society and SkeenaWild for the Terrace Community & Riverside 2014 Garbathon!  Mark your calendars for Sunday April 13th and plan to meet at McDonalds at noon.  Pick-up is from 12pm to 4pm and the Free Salmon BBQ for participants will be from 4pm to 6pm.  Show us your "HOT SPOTS" using this Live Link.  This map lets you indicate the community problem areas in terms of garbage. This will help us determine where to send our volunteers on the day of the Garbathon!!

Special thanks to the support of our local sponsors:  Totem Ford and Save-on-Foods.  We look forward to seeing you there and to spring cleaning our community.


Your Opinion to Win

Tell us your thoughts and ideas on how we can make the 5th Annual SkeenaWild Film Fest the best ever!  As the SWFF enters its 5th year, we want to celebrate this special milestone by reaching out to you for advice, ideas and feedback.  Take a moment to fill out our short survey.  As thanks, you can enter our draw to WIN a SkeenaWild T-Shirt.  Please be sure to include your name and email address within Question 7 to be entered into the draw.

Remember the SWFF contest opens in May and we want to help you with your creative endeavors.  If you would like one-to-one mentorship with any aspect of the film production process or photography tips and tricks, get in touch with Rod Brown.   


Douglas Channel Watch

What's happening in Kitimat? The world is watching as the small coastal city goes to the polls over Enbridge. If you look past the shiny things (hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad campaigns) you'll find a group of inspiringly committed Kitimat residents who love their town and way of life. Douglas Channel Watch is a group of local volunteers in Kitimat that are standing up to Enbridge's high budget campaign to win votes. They’re proving that money can’t buy everything in this industry town—it can buy newspaper ads but not the hearts and minds of northerners.

They need your help!  Every dollar donated to Douglas Channel Watch will go directly into purchasing leaflets, newspaper ads, radio spots and signs in the leadup to the April 12 vote.

Donate to Douglas Channel Watch.

Join the Facebook conversation


Donate to SkeenaWild

Are you a first time donor to a charitable organization?  If so, you are eligible to receive the "First time donor super credit".  First time donors receive 40% back on the first $200 and 54% on anything above.  Already giving donations?  You will receive 15% back on the first $200 and 29% on donations above.  Donate to SkeenaWild today.  We count on your support in order to continue our efforts.


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