Mike Harris Jr. is here to help with the Common Nonsense Revolution. As new Ontario PC leader Doug Ford calmly vents about champagne-drinking elites with "pinkies in the air," comparisons with Mike Harris are certain to follow. So now's the perfect time for Mike Jr. to pursue a candidacy in Waterloo (next door to the Kitchener riding represented by MPP Michael Harris, no relation). The first campaign photo features father and son, lest there be confusion amongst these too many Mikes:

Jagmeet Singh's younger brother is circling Queen's Park. Gurratan Singh, who helped with his sibling's successful NDP leadership bid while also working as a criminal defence lawyer, is “seriously considering” a run to fill Jagmeet’s vacated provincial seat in Brampton East. But he’d be up against a star Liberal candidate with the same surname: Parminder Singh, a medical doctor who used to host the Punjabi Hockey Night in Canada.

Journalists learn about the existence of jackets labelled “Competition Bureau.” The head offices of Postmedia and Torstar were raided by federal investigators wielding search warrants related to a November deal that led to 36 publications being closed. Competition commissioner John Pecman had no further comment on any gathered evidence. But the visits generated some cool computer cop photos for their federally-funded competitor to use:

“Pocahottie” will no longer be sold around here by Spirit Halloween. Seasonal protests against pop-up costume stores over Aboriginal-themed outfits and headdressees tend to be ignored, so three women filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Now the store, Spirit Halloween, has confidentially settled the matter. Spirit previously defended selling the likes of “Naughty Navajo” and “Huron Honey” on commercial freedom of expression grounds. Some of the offending items are no longer being sold.

“We encourage you to correct your child when he screams by saying, ‘Please stop that yelling’ or something like that.” Newmarket resident Morgan DeCairos DeBoer received the passive-aggressive note of a lifetime, complaining about her four kids interrupting TV viewing, reading and napping. It was sent via Canada Post with no return address, so the most effective way to deliver a response through the media was by first sharing the letter on Facebook:

Lauren Southern remains madly off in all directions. One year ago, the youngest star of Rebel Media quit the company (which had just published her number-one Amazon.ca best-seller) to pursue other projects. One stunt involved trying, and then failing, to block a North African refugee boat from entering Italy—a project of the “identitarian” movement, whose leaders were prevented from making a planned speech in London, England. And now Southern claims that she too has been “officially banned from UK for ‘racism’.”

Jack White says Jordan Peterson has “more intelligence in his brain than his body can handle.” The quote comes from a Rolling Stone cover story. White claims that he’s only seen Peterson talk about religion, leading writer Brian Hiatt to note that the U of T professor is better known for controversial screeds on other subjects. “I didn’t know about that!” backpedals White. “Maybe we should drop the whole thing now!

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Apple is acquiring the digital magazine service, which is partially owned by Rogers, as part of a push to make better friends of content providers.

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