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Hoya de Cadenas Reserva Tempranillo 2013

Well, cannabis is legal. It happened. The sun still rises, the world keeps turning, and the wine world now asks itself, which wines work well with weed? The pros have started matching terpenes (aroma and flavour components) in wines and various marijuana strains – these are responsible for scents/flavours like citrus (or Limonene) or pepper (Beta Caryophyllene). This week’s wine is a great one whether you choose to try it with some wacky-tabacky or not: Hoya de Cadenas Reserva Tempranillo is packed with flavour and is a great value, but what you pair it with is up to you!

Tasting Note: 100% Tempranillo, Hoya de Cadenas Reserva bursts with red and black stoned… err, stone-fruit like cherries and plums as well as touches of cedar and vanilla from aging in American oak barrels. It is round and plush on the palate with great acidity to balance the solid fruit core.

Enjoy With:  Ideal for the whole meal! Hoya de Cadenas Reserva pairs perfectly with your appetizer pâté, the main course off the grill (red meat or sausage are best), and after-dinner cheeses! Got the munchies yet?

Style: Dry, medium-bodied, fruity and smooth red wine.

Terroir / Region: Based in the Utiel-Requena DO region of Spain, the Hoya de Cadenas winery lies just outside the city of Valencia. The estate’s vineyards run up the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca and the elevation helps cool the vines and drain excess rainwater, pushing them to grow intensely flavoured berries that make intensely flavoured wines!

Producer: Hoya de Cadenas takes great care in tending its vines using environmentally friendly techniques to prevent soil erosion and exhaustion. The winery has also computerized its irrigation system to activate only when rain is scarce and when the vines really need it, minimizing the water used to keep the vines growing and the wine flowing. These are just a few ways Hoya de Cadenas is staying ‘Green’.

Availability: Hoya de Cadenas Reserva is available year-round in the Spain section of your local LCBO and until November 11, it is $1.50 off which is a great reason to stock up, bud!

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Price: $11.45 until November 11, 2018 (was $12.95)

LCBO#: 620989

Size: 750mL

Alcoholic Content: 12.5% alc./vol.