Zombie law proposal steps in it. Liberal MPP Yvan Baker’s “Phones Down, Heads Up Act" would fine pedestrians up to $50 for crossing the street while staring at their phones—a fitting angle for a backbencher from Etobicoke. But critics see this as a distraction from making drivers more vigilant.

“Maybe it’s just as well Rob and Doug Ford didn’t get that picture with Kevin Spacey after all.” Joe Warmington wrote about the 2014 intersection of Toronto city hall and Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a column that didn’t appear in the Toronto Sun. Rather he posted it to his personal Facebook page. Scrawler explains how Rob was happily oblivious to Hollywood, but that Spacey was a clod for refusing Doug’s request for a photo. The rant concludes with Warmington suggesting the actor remove the response to DoFo calling him “an arrogant S.O.B.”

Jordan Peterson attains Halloween costume status. The professor’s latest spate of criticism comes from those arguing that it was wrong for him to link to the social media profiles of two people who protested his inclusion on a panel at Ryerson—one of whom, apparently a communist business student, deleted his Facebook account. The other organizer felt validated by the attention; she plans to demonstrate at the next Peterson event. (Peterson is also now featured on satirical “Community Safety Bulletin” posters around his neighbourhood.) With his Patreon grossing over $1-million a year, perhaps Peterson should just chalk it up to the price of fame.

Some regulars have little hope for the new Green Room. The euologies continue for Brunswick Avenue's back alley bar, as it moves to the former Crown & Tiger at College and Bathurst. (A Green Room fan who used to work at the C&T tells the Varsity its clientele was “primarily drifters, convicted felons, under-age kids, and patrons who clearly had substance abuse and alcohol abuse issues.”)

Fare Trade is part of Bunz Trading Zone trying to become a real business. The bartering platform has unveiled an hour-long sitcom, cut into five webisodes, with the added hook of being produced with as many trades as possible. Despite some angel investor funding, BTZ concedes that it has yet to monetize cashless trading, and hopes that users will support the series, so that the company can bring on more paid product placements:

The Weather Network seeks support for some easy cash flow. Pelmorex built a lucrative business over 29 years of having its Weather Network subscription fee baked into every cable bill, allowing it to expand to digital platforms and buy a mobile ad company. Now, the potential end of the TV deal has led to a campaign to sustain the Weather Network's status, in part by claiming that the channel keeps Canadians safe while serving small communities. Pelmorex has even thrown in a promise to the CRTC that they'll cover the North. Meanwhile, the company is alerting loyal fans to the fact that they'll have to charge more if this sweet deal ends:

Miss Informed couldn’t stand the heat before Halloween. Following news reports about midtown Toronto's own answer to Gossip Girl, there was an emergency meeting of concerned parents. Now, the website, which specialized in slinging dirt about high school hookups, has shut down. “I just wish it could have been left alone by media as something special for us students,” tweeted the proprietor, who blamed “modern media and reporters trampling over this parade.” After all, it wasn’t the unknown author’s fault that some seniors showed up to the “Rosedale Jam” to engage in drugs and stabbing.

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