King beats Queen in streetcar poker game. The pilot to prioritize route 504 over any other King Street traffic looks likely to go ahead. With buses now filling in on Queen, councillor Michael Ford successfully pushed a committee motion to keep them there an extra two weeks to collect data on whether they’re more efficient, a matter of little concern among Mikey’s north Etobicoke constituents. But uncle Doug will likely file this insult away for his next run:

Andrea Constand’s mom eternally sealed Bill Cosby's reputation. Camille Cosby finally turned up at her husband’s trial as the defence rapidly rested. The prosecution's week peaked with Gianna Constand, a former medical secretary from Pickering who works part-time at a gas station, recalling her daughter’s alleged assaulter defending his conduct to her via phone: “Mom, she even had an orgasm.”

An allegedly genuine tweet from Justin Trudeau. While the PM's personal branding tactics grow in annoyance, his Twitter account shared a link reflecting nostalgia for desktop gaming, circa 1984, even if those clicks didn’t go to a Canadian outlet:

Margaret Wente is back to doing whatever it is she’s paid for. Liberals’ reverse discrimination comes at a cost” received wider condemnation than the typical Wente column, all the way to the PMO.

Damien Cox delivers his second annual greatest Twitter moment ever. “Ok. But if you’d rather not that’s cool. Just a selfie from right now is good,” was dispatched one year ago this week in an apparently misdirected message. (Cox, who locked his account to non-followers immediately after, never publicly revealed what the selfie request in question was about.) This year, the hockey hack will be hard pressed to top his thoughts on Stanley Cup viewership in the U.S., offering an observation that was not unlike comparing predators to penguins.

Toronto Reference Library works for the Weeknd. The music video for “Secrets” provides the definitive 40th anniversary tribute to Raymond Moriyama’s building—which anyone unfamiliar with would perceive as “mysterious.” Coincidentally, the song samples Tears For Fears, the band responsible for the first most famous video lensed in a Toronto library. However, for the brutalist shots seen in the Weeknd's finished product, director Pedro Martin Calero took him to U of T's Scarborough campus

Canadian Hawaiian pizza creator Sam Panopoulos dead at 83. The man credited with first using pineapple as a pizza topping 55 years ago received celebrity-level clickbait for his passing—partly due to Icelandic president Guðni Jóhannesson taking a stand against the Hawaiian style in February. CBC's As It Happens called its creator for comment: "He can say whatever he wants," responded Panopoulos. "He sells the fish over there, you know, that's all he does. So he has to put the fish on the pizza."(Jóhannesson paid tribute by reinforcing that his opposition wasn't a total joke.) 

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Canadian Taxpayers Federation dropped 797 rubber ducks on the lawn of Queen's Park, after collecting $5 for each one, to protest Ontario 150's most anticipated visitor.

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