Drinking political Kool-Aid with a steel straw. Complaining about parody Twitter accounts seems to be part of a Liberal party strategy to stamp out minsinformation. But an account that satirizes evironment minister Catherine McKenna hasn't stopped her from tweeting about topics like metal straws—which drew several layers of criticism, leading McKenna to spit back at critics:

“I don’t remember any negative interactions.” Justin Trudeau’s verbal response to the alleged “Kokanee Grope” echoed what the PMO stated when the 2000 story started recirculating. But the saga won’t stop: CBC News revealed that it previously spoke by phone to the woman who made the initial groping accusation. She didn’t want to talk, although her former colleagues have.

Sidewalk Toronto is moving faster than Ontario Place. Options for the OP redevelopment had been narrowed down to a water park, an educational campus, or a film industry complex. But now the whole thing is on hold because of changes at Queen's Park. Meanwhile, an entirely unapproved project continues to be promoted as a done deal:

Andy Byford is still waiting to meet the men who run the rest of New York. The former TTC chief gets a big New Yorker profile. The story notes that the heads of all levels of government were at his last subway ribbon-cutting in Toronto, whereas, six months into his new job at the MTA, he's having difficulty getting meetings with New York’s governor, and hasn't spoken to the mayor at all. (New Yorker writer William Finnegan claims Byford turned the troubled TTC around “with spectacular results.”)

John Tavares jerseys are worth 12 bagels to any fans who haven’t burned them. Prior to the free agent fulfilling his childhood dream with the Leafs, a bagel shop offered him a lifetime supply if he’d stay in Long Island. Bagel Boss is now offering freebies to anyone who trades in Tavares merchandise. But several former fans preferred to set theirs on fire:

Wasaga Beach was worth something to Shawn Desman (if not the other way around). The resort town booked the aging teen idol in the expectation that he’d fill 3,000 seats. But the town council got worried when only 17 fans bought $30 advance tickets. The number of buyers increased to 52 before Wasaga opted to drop the cost. The debacle earned Desman substantial media attention:

Drake’s most appreciated new reference belongs to Buffalo. The rapper's new album, Scorpion, has the standard slew of allusions to the 6ix. And it appears hanging out with Paul Anka landed Drake an unreleased song by Michael Jackson. But no one was more enthused by a shout-out than Depew, New York radio station WBLK, whose former late-night Quiet Storm host Al Wood’s voice appears in a clip at the end of "After Dark." The actual studio request line soon started ringing in response.

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The rap name of 21-year-old rapper Jahvante Smart, who grew up in Regent Park and then toured Europe with Drake. Smart was shot dead on Queen West over the weekend.

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