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December 2011

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Welcome and Overview of Communications with Grantees

Welcome to this electronic newsletter for participants in Alaska’s Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG). These monthly e-newsletters will provide information about upcoming deadlines and events, as well as information, resources, and success stories to help grantees through the SPF SIG process.

The State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Behavioral Health, has contracted with Agnew::Beck to provide training and technical assistance to SPF SIG grantees. You can learn more about the State of Alaska’s SPF SIG project at their website, which contains overview information as well as helpful publications.

In addition to the State website noted above and the e-newsletter, which will be sent out on a monthly basis, other communication opportunities will include:

- A website for Alaska’s grantees: www.alaskaspfsig.org. This website offers information on upcoming events and deadlines, contact information for grantees and support team members, and resources to help with each step of the SPF process. Visit often, and make it a favorite to keep up-to-date on the latest resources and happenings with the SPF SIG project!

- A blog, where we will address emerging questions and issues that are likely to apply to multiple grantees. Details will be forthcoming as this blog is developed.

- Each grantee will have the opportunity to participate in a monthly conference call with representatives from the State evaluation team, your Agnew::Beck technical assistance team, and State project staff, where we will share information and updates, and you will have the chance to raise questions or issues that have come up in the SPF process.

- We will also offer a quarterly grantee cohort teleconference where you will have the opportunity to share with each other. What is working? What valuable lessons have you learned? What advice might you offer other grantees? What questions do you have for other grantees?

- Between now and June 2012, your Agnew::Beck technical assistance team plans to conduct one or two site visits with each grantee, during which we will offer training and/or technical assistance that is specifically tailored to your project area’s needs.

- Ongoing phone and email contact as needed with your Agnew::Beck technical assistance team, the State evaluators, and State project staff.

Our hope is that with regular, ongoing and consistent open communication, grantees will feel fully supported throughout the SPF process and will be better able to see positive outcomes in their communities.

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Who’s Who of Alaska’s Community Prevention Support Team

Technical Assistance Team

Meet your technical assistance team! The names above are the people to contact when you have questions about your SPF process, or if you have specific training or technical assistance needs you’d like to share.

The State Evaluation team will guide the statewide evaluation process for SPF SIG, and will check in with grantees each month to share helpful information and tips, and to answer evaluation questions you may have. They can be reached by phone at 907-786-6381. The State Evaluation team members include:

Jodi Barnett: anjdb3@uaa.alaska.edu

Jesse Metzger: afjsm1@uaa.alaska.edu

The State of Alaska project staff oversee the SPF SIG grants for Alaska. Contact them with questions about grant administration and funds. Staff are:

Diane Casto: 907-465-1188, l.casto@alaska.gov

Devon Lewis: 907-465-8407, devon.lewis@alaska.gov

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