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06 December 2016

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We have had another busy month at Cambridge Mathematics with the team attending a range of events from National Numeracy’s app launch in London to the MASCIL ‘Educating the Educators’ conference in Germany. To find out more about the events we attend and our involvement, take a look at our Mathematical salad page on our website where members of the team have shared insights from events around the world.

We now have our own Cambridge Mathematics LinkedIn page, please follow us for more insights, news and opinions from the team.

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Question 12

We’ve been looking in detail at the early experiences of numbers. One aspect that is critical is the tension and interplay between discrete and continuous. The tension plays out in questions such as ‘should we be teaching counting first or measuring first?’ ‘Arithmetic or Algebra?’ Of course, we need not see these as either/or questions. But developing them concurrently raises subtle questions on ordering particular exposures, how connections are made and what learners and teachers need to attend to.


GeoGebra is mathematics software that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one platform. We were privileged to have Dr Zsolt Lavica deliver this month’s internal seminar, explaining his latest research, detailing the growth in the number of GeoGebra institutes around the world and what they are achieving, and demonstrating the sheer volume of materials available. We will be sharing a film of his presentation shortly on the website.

Essentials at 14

A quarter of 16-year-olds sitting maths GCSE will fail. Of those who pass, only a quarter will still be operating at the same level by the time they are 24, with the majority being unable to apply much of what they spent 11 years studying. So what are the real essentials at 14? Digest our Mathematical salad to find out more.


We attended the CIDREE (Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe) annual STEM conference in Utrecht at the end of the month. Did you attend? Follow us on Twitter to find out the next events we will be attending.

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