Conservatives will now strive to fix every headline. The federal party tactic of using social media to snark at news reporting has become prevalent enough to generate a story from the Globe and Mail. When it comes to questioning CPC outrage over minor topics like bestiality, though, the more efficent reaction is to simply block the pundits:

“It’s unprecedented and very petty and manipulative.” Justin Trudeau called a federal byelection in one riding, but not in others, including the B.C. riding where Jagmeet Singh is a candidate. The move was slammed by NDP MP Peter Julian, and Singh was also nonplussed. He then borrowed some attitude directly from Cardi B: “Drip, drip.”

Not even a chief planner can manage every last plan. Jennifer Keesmaat’s mayoral campaign amounted to little. Now, her replacement as chief city planner, Gregg Lintern, is sharing some observations on Instagram, including a clarification of what the job doesn’t allow him to control:

The war on gentrification comes to Chinatown. A new face for the former Bright Pearl Restaurant building at 346 Spadina was initiated with The Invitational, a pop-up gallery show whose existence was kept low-key. But a group of artists criticized it as mere real estate promotion that represented “a contemporary manifestation of colonialism.”

Rick Moranis survived Alamo City Comic Con. An on-stage interview had Moranis saying he’d work again with 92-year-old Mel Brooks, but probably wouldn't do a Bob and Doug McKenzie revival. Fans who paid $150 for photo-ops included one dressed to replace the late John Candy in Spaceballs 2:

“Dr. W. Gifford-Jones” deleted for dancing with anti-vaxxers. The latest column from the pseudonymous syndicated doc was unpublished by the Toronto Sun following an outcry—but its 94-year-old author still doesn’t regret writing that vaccines can be complicated. At least it showed the Sun willing to exhibit some columnist standards:

“What a far-right Bolsonaro presidency in Brazil means for Canadian business.” The kind of angle that may seem commonplace in a newspaper business section drew an outraged ratio after it was tossed into the cauldron of clickbait from CBC News. The writer, Chris Arsenault, was willing to heed threats from anyone who actually read it.

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The long-delayed AM radio station serving Mississauga has launched, with a surprise afternoon drive co-host: Mike Bullard.

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