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Willm Gewürztraminer Reserve Alsace 2016

Although winter may not be over just yet, it has been hard not to think of spring with our recent bout of warmer weather. Although it’s likely winter will not let us off so lightly, you can still find spring in your wine glass anytime you choose by opening a bottle of Willm Gewürztraminer Reserve. Fruit, flowers and spices leap out of your glass, transporting you to a sunny spring in the quaint towns of Alsace, France. It also gets you 10 Bonus Air Miles if you pick up a bottle before March 31st!


Tasting Notes: 100% Gewürztraminer (pronounced ‘Ge-VERTZ-tra-meener’, or ‘Ge-VERTZ’ for short), the Willm Reserve shows a light pink hue to the lemon-yellow wine (Gewürz is a pink grape) and has rich aromatics. Passionfruit, lychee, peach, honey, rose, allspice and ginger notes are all packed into this wine! 

Enjoy With: Poultry, pork, shrimp or crab, especially when accompanied by rich, spicy sauces like those used in Indian or Thai cuisine. Bring on the spicy curry! 

Style: An off-dry, medium-bodied and fruity white. 

Terroir/Region: Historic architecture, small cobblestone streets and the Rhine river winding along the region makes Alsace as picturesque as the home of a Disney princess. Alsace is known for perfect growing conditions and long, warm autumns which allow grapes to ripen slowly and evenly. The hillside that makes up the finest vineyards in Alsace is comprised of varied soils which allow the Alsatians to produce very high-quality wines from over 50 Grand Cru vineyards – the best of the best! 

Producer: The Willm family began its wine business in 1896 in the small Alsatian town of Barr, making wines from the now famous Clos Gaensbrœnnel vineyard, while still running the family restaurant. Their wines, paired with the family’s foods, gained a reputation that quickly spread throughout France and then the world. It is said that even Al Capone had a few bottles of the Willm Clos Gaensbrœnnel in his wine cellar! 

Availability: The Willm Gewurztraminer Reserve is available year-round in the Vintages section of your local LCBO and is now also available for online ordering and home delivery. Pick one up before March 31st to receive 10 Bonus Air Miles! 

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Price: $17.95

LCBO#: 269852

Size: 750 mL

Alcohol Content: 12.5% alc./vol.