For the undecided we have five more good reasons why you should quickly book a ticket for TYPO from May 17 – 19, 2018.
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What we look forward to ...

Image Stage at HKW

Dear Friends and Followers,

TYPO Berlin will host more than 70 lectures, top agencies and creative studios on five stages, workshops and round tables at the House of World Cultures.

For the undecided we have five more good reasons why you should quickly book a ticket for TYPO from May 17 – 19, 2018.

See you this May,
Your TYPO Berlin Team

PS: Tomorrow we kick off TYPO Labs 2018. No ticket but still interested? Subscribe to our TYPO Labs newsletter for daily recaps and check our YouTube-Channel. We’ll upload videos of every talk throughout the day.


#1: The new Talent Talks


With the Talent Talks segment on the first day of the conference, TYPO Berlin is putting a team of young, international design studios onstage for the first time, including Actual Source (Provo, Utah, USA), Specht Studio (Antwerp), Alexis Mark (Copenhagen), We Became Aware (Geneva) and Team Thursday (Rotterdam). At 30-minute intervals, the eight studios will present their most recent projects; the event will be moderated by Talent Talks curator Prof. Kali Nikitas from Los Angeles.


#2: The second round of Brand Talks

Brand Talks enters the ring for the second time at TYPO Berlin: At 30-minute intervals, renowned brands and agencies take to the stage to talk about how digital branding works these days, and which factors can have a decisive influence on the success or failure of brand management. Top agencies like Meta Design, EdenSpiekermann, or Interbrand will be presenting alongside brands such as E.ON, Nivea, BASF, Nürnberger, Helios, and Tencent, among others.

Johann Jungwirth, chief digital officer of the Volkswagen Group will give the closing lecture.


#3: Creative workshops

In addition to the programme of lectures, the 23rd edition of the international design conference will include daily workshops that offer a practical hands-on experience. From the basics of calligraphy, to hand-lettering or printing techniques ... the selection is vast. The two-hour workshops are included in the price of your ticket (spaces are limited; first come first serve).


Exclusive Adobe XD Deep Dive Workshop @ TYPO


Join the hands-on Adobe XD Deep Dive Workshop. Experience designer and typography enthusiast Mattia Compagnucci will take you all the way from bringing a simple user flow to live as interactive wireframes, to user testing, hi-fi visual design, stakeholder feedback up to Adobe XD-generated design specs for handoff. Get insights into the XD roadmap and discuss your questions, ideas and feature requests for XD with Mattia. Unlike all other TYPO Workshops please register in advance here.

Added, we are looking forward to an interesting talk provided by XD team member Andre Jay Meissner.


#4: Networking, inspiration, and information swapping

TYPO is where the international design scene meets and greets. In addition to the scheduled presentations, a variety of side-bar events and get-togethers provide forums for exchange with visitors, speakers, colleagues, and experts. As always, the three days wrap up on Saturday with the big TYPO Night party, happening this year at Alexanderplatz in the centre of Berlin. The doors are open not just to registered attendees, but also for guests; tickets for friends will be available at the box office.


#5: A high-end conference

In the TYPO Hall and Show all talks will be translated into German or English via headset. A ticket includes lunch and coffee on conference days, as well as a welcome package containing useful information and tools; free wi-fi is also available. Registered visitors can use the MyTypo function to put together an individually tailored schedule for the conference. To help visitors choose, every event in each of the five spaces is labelled with one of these categories – Branding, Inspiration, Know-how, or Typography.


TYPO 2018 Speaker

Overview TYPO Speakers 2018

Actual Source
Alexis Mark
dina Amin
Bettina Andresen
Armin Angerer
Edward Appleyard
Annie Atkins
Christian Bahlmann
Christoph Bender
Rita Braz
Breyer, Doria, Yendrys
Chris Campe
Elizabeth C. Smith
Snezhana Chernogortseva
Mattia Compagnucci
Antonia Cornelius
Natalie Deewan
Kai Diekmann
Petra Dočekalová
Aaron James Draplin
Marc Dumont
Stephanie Ebigt
Natalie Erdmann
Gerd Fleischmann
Saar Friedman
Andreas Frohloff
Timothy Goodman
Jens Grefen


Elvis Guo
Christian Hanke
Jonathan Hitchen
Judith Holly
Julius Hui
Kate Johnston
Johann Jungwirth
Golnar Kat Rahmani
Jonathan Key
Sonja Knecht
Wiebke Koch
Juju Kurihara
Charles Landry
Briar Levit
Peter Martin
Alejandro Masferrer
Alex Mecklenburg
Sam Meech
Andre jay Meissner
Madeleine Morley
Jamie Neely
Katrin Niesen
Toshi Omagari
Heinrich Paravicini
Marianna Paszkowska
Fidel Peugeot
Rüdiger Quass von Deyen
Stuart Radford


Ilke Rangette
Ulrike Rausch
Frank Rausch
Laura Reinke
Sarmishta Pantham
Lorenz Seeger
Carola Seybold
Radek Sidun
Patrick Marc Sommer
Specht Studio
Elliot Jay Stocks
Alix Stria
Ulrich Stumpf
Julia Sysmäläinen
Team Thursday
Erik van Blokland
Paul van der Laan
Hansje van Halem
Ed van Hinte
We Became Aware
Frederik Wilken
Erica Wolfe-Murray
Winson Yu



… and some more

Facilitators: Stephen Coles, Johannes Erler, Indra Kupferschmid, Kali Nikitas

The up-to-date speaker list on our website …