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The Pacific Climate Seminar Series takes place every third Wednesday of the month from 3:30 to 4:30pm at the University of Victoria or listen in online.


Final Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) Reports are available for all BC local governments, along with the final 2007 CEEI Technical Methods and Guidance. 2010 CEEI are now underway.


Please take our survey, so we can identify how to support local governments in accessing quality community–scale energy and GHG modelling tools.

New Tools
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Adaptation: Challenges and Opportunities Preparing for unavoidable climate change impacts.

SMARTTool: Standardizing Carbon Calculating and Reporting

The Joint UBCM – Provincial Green Communities Committee (GCC), approved the SMARTTool pilot to assist local governments in achieving their Climate Action Charter goal to be carbon neutral by 2012.

SMARTTool is a web based carbon reporting tool with a standardized approach to calculating and reporting an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions.

SMARTTool is currently being piloted in 21 communities across BC. The Pilot is intended to assess if SMARTTool is the right tool to meet the need for Climate Action Charter signatories to measure corporate greenhouse gas emissions in an efficient, cost effective and consistent manner.

For further information read the GCC Communiqué or contact
Ben Finkelstein at:

Check out the Updated Carbon Neutral Workbook
An updated version of the Workbook is now available on the Toolkit. The Workbook provides guidance for local governments as they work towards becoming carbon neutral in their corporate operations. Based on feedback received from local governments, the Workbook has been revised to answer commonly asked questions.

Four Steps to Becoming Carbon Neutral | Webinar: Oct. 27
This webinar will discuss what Carbon Neutral means for local government and how to become carbon neutral. Hosted by the Ministry of Community & Rural Development. Register here.

Webcasts: BC Community-scale Energy and GHG Modelling Tools

The recent experiences of five local governments with community–scale energy and greenhouse gas modelling tools are now profiled on the BC Climate Action Toolkit.

Case studies from the cities of Colwood, Prince George, and North Vancouver, and the Central Kootenay and Fraser Valley Regional Districts, show how each modelling tool works. Each case study includes a written and webcast component.

The written case study is a downloadable report that describes how the modelling tool was used to help set greenhouse gas reduction targets, policies and actions, and the webcasts are slide presentations narrated by local government staff and their consultants.

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