Town Shoes becomes a bad fit. Leonard Simpson started the footwear chain in 1952 at Sunnybrook Plaza, sold that store to finance a second one at Lawrence Plaza and built up a national chain. But now the brand is owned by Columbus, Ohio-based DSW, which has seen interest in this style of store slip. And so, a great vintage retail logo is soon gone:

Doug Ford will see everyone in court. A challenge to the premier's city-council-cutting plan will be heard on Friday, led by a diverse group of opponents. Meanwhile, a class-action lawsuit has been filed over the cancellation of the province's basic income pilot. Ford’s government has already lost the case over cancelled electric vehicle rebates.

What’s the story, Mr. Tory? Attack ads were DoFo’s department during the 2014 mayoral campaign. But with new mayoral challenger Jennifer Keesmaat labelling John Tory a low-energy ditherer, the mayor’s re-election squad is retaliating with a video of a pseudo-reporter asking about city-secession musings that Keesmaat has already walked back:

David Pecker’s pickle peckers pacified by Postmedia. The curious case of the National Enquirer publisher's seat on the board of a Canadian newspaper chain has ended with his resignation, after it was revealed that Pecker has legal immunity in the U.S. probe of all things Trump.  

The last days of male strippers at Remington’s. What was originally the Bermuda Tavern at 379 Yonge changed its naked orientation in 1993​. But condo development is stripping that scene away. Remington’s will have its last hurrah during TIFF, before the business is reborn as a Queen West sports bar, as explained in a podcast via BlogTO:

Neil Young seems to have married Daryl Hannah. She directed his return to Omemee, then he starred in some Netflix thing she made. The relationship was reportedly sealed somewhere in California. The theory that the pair got hitched is corroborated by an Instagram shot of a barn owl watching over them.

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Oceana Canada used this term to describe some of the 44 per cent of seafood samples that its study estimates are incorrectly labelled.

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