Jagmeetmania is looking more like a thing. Elections Canada shows Jagmeet Singh raising more than his three NDP leadership rivals combined in the second quarter of 2017—and the MPP’s campaign says that three-quarters of his financial backers are first-time donors to the party. And unlike Justin Trudeau, who keeps getting hammered about the Rolling Stone story, Singh still largely confines his vanity to Snapchat:

Ontario Civil Liberties Association is sticking up for Kevin Johnston. The online agitator charged with hate crimes has found an advocate in the OCLA. Meanwhile, Christie Blatchford wonders if the catalyst for Johnston's troubles was a complaint by Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie.

Downtown Yonge swings back to glum. Forty years after the murder of shoeshine boy Emanuel Jaques motivated a tidying up of what was once known as the Sin Strip, the main drag is experiencing a 50 per cent uptick in retail vacancies, partly sparked by tax increases leading to soaring rents. The bleakness is also being blamed on condo construction bumping out businesses, which leads to more loitering, which deters foot traffic into the stores. Some tourists think the scene looks sketchy:

“The Adelaide Hotel” is our temporary memorial to Trump Toronto. All signage evoking the POTUS was scrubbed before August 1. In its place, there's temporary lettering above the front doors. The building will be renamed the St. Regis Toronto after some renovations, but St. Regis' parent company, Starwood Hotels, has already launched the website.

“It’s the same glass box you’ve seen a thousand times before.” U of T architecture student Daniel Lewycky spouted to The Varsity upon the start of Robarts Library's next round of renovations, which will brighten up its brutalism with a glass extension.

Scenes from the summer of DIY urban development. The fella who took it upon himself to build some stairs in an Etobicoke park became a conservative hero, and the duo who made a driftwood Toronto sign on the rocks in Humber Bay Park were happy to take credit. But we still don't know who made the cinder block temples at the Leslie Spit. Toronto Star clues point to former construction worker "Robert,” photographed by 20-year-old Ben Walters, who describes the man as an “oddball.” The best conclusion to this story would be if the kid was playing a Banksy-like prank:

Beer tosser tells his side of a public shaming saga. Ken Pagan’s experience being at the centre of a social media storm, after he flung a can from the stands during a Blue Jays playoff game last October, is chronicled in a wistful feature by Andre Mayer at CBC News: “I equate it to if you’ve ever taken a bad penalty in hockey and realized, What did I just do?," says Pagan. "How did that happen?" (Nonetheless, he showed up to work as a Postmedia copy editor the next evening—but left within an hour when the Toronto Sun put a $1,000 bounty on his head.)

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Glen Murray characterized elected office this way, after quitting as provincial environment minister to work for the Pembina Institute.

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