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AHPI has had an exciting summer. I added two new editorial clients to my roster in late Q2. Fresh work with Vanity Fair and Playboy magazine, on newsstands now.

One of the nice things about working as an illustrator with a distinctive style is that I can show you my work and you can see how to use AHPI for your project, publication, or brand. When you come to me, you're already interested in the work. This gives our working relationship a fantastic start.

Still, art direction comes into it, for me, too. I have to show you how to use the work. Lately I've been integrating my portrait work into a scene. In addition, I'm working hard to clothe my subjects with care, too, so don't forget about me when you're laying out that fashion spread. I'm actively seeking these sorts of commissions. 

You can expect these themes to run through both my personal and commercial work. I'm currently in the planning stages for an upcoming art show I'm calling Cine-matic and these fashion-sensitive and scene-based portraits will be part of that exhibition.

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Fresh! Theatorium no. 10

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New shoe fashion work on

Vanity Fair
Hitchcock scene

Are you an art director who digs my work? Let's work.

Next Quarterly...

In the next issue

Next Quarertly, the 4th and final issue of this year will come out in October 2012. At that time I'm expecting to announce some motion picture work that I started in May. I'm developing an animated film based on one of my properties. Stay tuned for more.