A big lesson for the TDSB. Questions continue to swirl around the board's decision to have an 11-year-old girl participate in a press conference inside her school, about a hijab-cutting incident that turned out to be made up. Others wonder if the police are in the habit of rushing to conclusions when crimes appear to be motivated by Islamophobia. The school board's director of education is among the leaders who left behind an erroneous tweet for our times:

Kevin O’Leary will drain the Shark Tank to pay off his campaign. Mr. Wonderful’s fleeting foray into federal politics has left him with a $529,184 debt that Elections Canada won’t let him personally repay. So, he hopes to pay it off with an April fundraiser in Toronto, featuring his American co-stars Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. A report from the Globe and Mail notes that Andrew Scheer basically owes nothing after his successful Conservative leadership run. (Along the way, his expenses included a $226 payment to use the studio at Rebel Media.)

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression argues for a border wall. The nonprofit NGO claims that it’s struggling to stay afloat despite recent court victories—although it scored a $10,000 donation from Unifor. But then, CJFE has displayed a weird penchant for promoting positions against free expression. Its latest bait has annoyed some journalists, who see this as advocating censorship.

The government wants Facebook to be more involved in news. Democratic institutions minister Karina Gould is launching cross-country consultations on the role social media might play in future federal election debates, along with a website asking for feedback. At the same time, the social network's efforts to shy away from news are already underway. Publishers should arguably be glad to see Facebook leaving this silly era of journalism behind.

“Does anyone REALLY understand bitcoin?” What seemed like a typically useless tweet last month on Norm Kelly’s account turned out to reflect the actual curiosities of city council’s rapping grandpa, who has prepared a motion to ask if the city could look into adopting cryptocurrencies as a means of tax payment. The concept is total nonsense, although it got Kelly more attention than his merchandise hucksterism, his pothole patrol, or his un-@norm-like ambition to revive the French language locally.

Dolores O’Riordan dead at 46. The link between the Limerick-born Cranberries vocalist and Toronto environs was forged when she married and had three children with Don Burton, who was once tour manager for Duran Duran. They lived near Peterborough until they split in 2014. (Plus, her longtime guitarist, Steve DeMarchi, is part of Mississauga's Music Walk of Fame.) O’Riordan died in a London, U.K. hotel room. A friend says she sounded "full of life" after trip to visit her children.

The Shift with Drex aims to fill the overnight radio void. The new Global News Radio will have Australian expat Justin “Drex” Wilcomes hosting a national late-night show from Vancouver—which translates to the 1.am. to 5 a.m. timeslot at AM640 Toronto. Drex first gained wide attention after a previous employer fired him for asking B.C. premier Christy Clark what it was like to be a “MILF,” a question which she herself didn’t seem to mind.

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The retailer at 231 Queen West, a tourist draw back when the neighbourhood was ruled by teens congregating outside MuchMusic, has sold its last prophylactic.

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