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As part of the worldwide Praesta International Group, Praesta established their presence in a heritage building in the heart of Ultimo in Sydney's inner city.


Area: 200sqm
Completion: December 2010
Builder: Nuvision
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Praesta were looking for a space that both accommodated their current needs and into the future, and with a unique edge. As an executive coaching business they required coaching booths and a multi-functional meeting space that could double as a training facility.

  thoughtspace Praesta project  

The front of house areas were visually separated from the workplace by a sweaping fringe curtain which could move depending on the clients needs. The coaching booths were intimate yet inviting spaces and together with the buildings unique heritage features such as the exposed timber beams and columns it provided Praesta with an almost 'studio' like environment.

  thoughtspace Praesta project  

The warmth of the timber furniture and joinery, gave the workplace a friendly domestic look but it was strongly accented by the bold Praesta 'red' ever present in small details.

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