Navy Yard in Philadelphia - Liberty Property Trust

In a joint venture with Synterra Partners, Liberty Property Trust has been developing The Navy Yard. Formally known as the Philadelphia Naval Business Center, The Navy Yard covers over 1200 acres and is a dynamic, full service corporate business park. It provides a blend of office, industrial and manufacturing space and research and development facilities.

We have been working on projects in the Navy Yard since 2002 with the construction of the first building built by Liberty Property Trust. We maintain all properties with multiple services including landscaping, snow removal and more to help implement their plan for additional Class A office space.

Liberty has developed locations for Wuxi Apptec Laboratory Services, Unique Industries, Tasty Baking Company and GlaxoSmithKline. These buildings are LEED Certified and situated in a KOIZ (Keystone Opportunity Improvement Zone).

Located in South Philadelphia and close to Center City Philadelphia, the Navy Yard is just minutes away from wonderful restaurants, shopping, golfing, walking/biking trails and professional sports venues.

Landscape installations by C. Caramanico and Sons, Inc. have included the following:

• Commerce Center
• Tasty Baking Company
• 1 Crescent Drive
• 3 Crescent Drive
• Wuxi Apptec
• Philadelphia Technology Park
• Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

We continue to maintain the landscaping at these buildings and also GlaxoSmithKline. As growth continues and plans are fulfilled, we are excited about continuing to grow with the Navy Yard.

At C. Caramanico and Sons, Inc. we have been supplying landscape installations, lawn maintenance, hardscaping and more. We are glad to be involved in the build out of this growing and dynamic area.

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Call In the Pros to Prune

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of professional pruning, and for very good reasons. Professional pruning of your valuable trees and shrubs not only keeps them healthier and better looking now, but protects them from a whole host of other potential problems down the road. Late fall and winter are great times for pruning. Once leaves have dropped, it’s much easier to see where work needs to be done. In addition, plants are less active during the cooler months, with less fluid moving through the branches. This means that the wounds created from pruning will heal more quickly.

Avoiding Storm Damage

Major snow, rain and wind storms can put a heavy load on your trees. If a tree has branch connections that are structurally weak, previously damaged limbs, or branches with too little space between them, snow accumulation can become a real problem. With selective pruning, the effects of winter storms on your trees can be minimized. Nearly all drastic damage (and repairs) to your trees are preventable with regular, maintenance-level pruning. Split trees from weak joints, major limb removal due to breakage or contact with other limbs, and complete plant removal can all result when regular pruning is neglected.

Your landscape is a big investment. With professional pruning, you’ll be helping that investment to grow in beauty and value for many years to come. Now is a great time to schedule a tree and shrub evaluation to determine what types of pruning are needed on your property.

Early-Spring Essentials:
Get a jump on the season ahead!

After a long and cold winter, we will happily welcome the spring-like weather! Now is a great time to think about lawn and landscape care for your property. View these essential early spring tasks. Our professional teams are ready to provide the early spring landscape care and lawn maintenance you need.

Early Spring tasks:

Pruning – Many structural problems in ornamentals can be corrected right now, before plants leaf out, with corrective pruning.

Clean-Up – Leaves and debris should be raked and removed from lawn areas, as well as shrub and flower beds.

Mulching – A spring application will help to prevent weeds, conserve moisture in the soil and keep soil temperatures cooler as the weather heats up.