“This fat cat has shown his true colours.” OPSEU president Warren (Smokey) Thomas seized upon a New Year’s Eve tweet by Ontario Chamber of Commerce boss Rocco Rossi, in which the former mayoral candidate likened his consumption of cheap champagne and caviar to celebrating like a one-percenter. After other tweeters noted Rossi’s successful lobbying to freeze the minimum wage, he apologized for typing “Let them eat cake:-)

What happens after you talk about the whereabouts of the parents of Sam Oosterhoff. The young MPP called the cops after St. Catharines resident Rob Gill tweeted publicly available information about the Oost's parents, as a way of encouraging people to protest them for raising a socially conservative son. Meanwhile, former Toronto Sun fixture Christina Blizzard returned to print to question the rogue leadership of Doug Ford

Aura Dolls opened for business after all. The prospect of a silicone sex brothel in a Yonge and Sheppard strip mall spurred councillor John Filion to have the place shut down. But a feature in the new Playboy reveals that Aura was revived in a five-bedroom house in northern Toronto, owned by “anonymous Canadian entrepreneurs.” Since then, the operation has apparently moved to an industrial building, where the dolls were visited by the website Mel, even if its writer doesn’t swing that way:

Hedley’s frontman got married somewhere on New Year’s Eve. Jacob Hoggard won’t have his sexual assault trial date set until May. In the meantime, social media posts revealed that he just wed actress Rebekah Asselstine. While the Vancouver Art Gallery appeared in the background of some of their pictures, it didn’t host the ceremony.

The mom of CHUM now works down the hall from her spawn. Marilyn Denis has top billing on the 104.5 morning show after the retirement of Roger Ashby. Her new co-host, Jamar McNeil, had a break upon becoming a father. And after ditching most of its Virgin Radio Toronto staff, Bell Media had a job for Denis’s son, Adam Wylde, a DJ who seems to say a lot more words in less time at 99.9:

Collecting every subway station transfer is the new Metropass hoarding. The transition of all monthly TTC fares to Presto brought out nostalgia for the Metropass, which launched in May 1980 at $26. But there’s still hoarding fun to be had for $3, if you’re inspired by the guy who spent the entire final day of 2018 pressing transfer machines:

Bob Einstein dead at 76. While more recently known for his role as Marty Funkhouser on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Albert Brooks’s brother previously flourished in Toronto, where he played stunt daredevil Super Dave Osborne on Bizarre. That led to his own show, Super Dave, which brought his slapstick experience to the Town of Markham.

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