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IS IT SUMMER YET?  This weekend, our summer sale evolves into Summer Sale Part Two - all sales items are now 50% OFF at both shops. 

In other news, just look at the lovely amber from San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico - simple strands of amber beads, in various shapes, rich colors from yellows to golds to reds - the perfect summer adornment, that is, when summer gets here. 

And our shipment from Mr. Leaf finally arrived - these new handbags from Thailand are made from Teak Leaf Leather. (A large leaf which the Thai have used for everything from roofing to wrapping food - see below for more info about the amazing teak leaf alternative.) We've got new styles of handbags in a wonderful color palette - the perfect summer bag, especially when summer gets here.

Swing by and check it all out . . . 


Summer Sale

Water Buffalo Horn and Ebony on Sale

Amber from Chiapas

Teak Leaf Leather Bags

A Great Little Cross Over Bag and the Darliing Bucket Bag

What's not to love?  Sustainably harvested Teak leaves are collected from fallen leaves. No trees are harmed in the process. The leaf layer is adhered to cotton fabric to provide a soft interior backing and structure.  A thin translucent outer layer made from a non-toxic BOPP film is applied that seals the leaf layer and protects it while maintaining the texture and feel of the leaves. This layer also provides water proofing, durability, and longevity.


Teak Leaf Shoulder Bag and Baby Version (reads pink but it's really red, I promise)