Doug Ford brought his wife and four daughters to party with Charles McVety. This detail and more courtesy of Joe Warmington’s report from Canada Christian College, where the premier saw no reason not to create “a perfect circle” with the reverend:

Justin Trudeau talks about more than socks. An interview with Rosemary Barton primarily dealt with serious issues. Plus, the PM expressed regret over the outfits he wore on his India trip. Also: Trudeau can’t run and listen to podcasts at the same time.

Huawei executive hopes for no more nights in Canada. Meng Wanzhou is trying to avoid extradition as she faces down accusations that, as CFO, she helped Huawei dodge U.S. sanctions on Iran. Despite it all, the Chinese tech company’s most prominent sponsorship deal with Rogers remains:

“What you're going to nothing like science fiction like the Jetsons or some kind of dystopia like Black Mirror.” Jesse Shapins, director of public realm with Sidewalk Labs, addressed the latest public meeting about Quayside. Queen’s Park sacked three provincial representatives from the board of Waterfront Toronto after Ontario’s auditor general questioned the deal struck with Sidewalk.

Raffi says that anti-fascism is written all over his face. The early success of Raffi Cavoukian is outlined in an interview with Fatherly, in which the singer says he deliberately sold his early albums at the full list price of $7.29, to give parents the idea that they were higher quality than childrens’ records that cost $2.99. Now, he perpetuates a point of view:

The alleged BiWay comeback brings out the old bags. Wider attention for BiWay founder Mal Coven claiming he’s about to launch a new BiWay $10 Store fed into wistfulness over the chain’s legacy. But much of the nostalgia simply surrounds the logo:

Bell Media’s sacked boss is cashing in his chips at Sprint. Kevin Crull, who left Bell in 2015 after meddling with CTV News, landed at the U.S. telecom with a new golden parachute. Sprint’s merger with T-Mobile made Crull eligible for a payout of $20.7 million, but he’ll only get $15.5 million due to departing Sprint before the merger goes through.

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