“I govern through the people, I don’t govern through the government.” Doug Ford flip-flopped on his stance that the affordable housing crisis could be solved by taking over the Greenbelt, which he called “just farmer fields.” Now, the premier has pledged to expand the Greenbelt, seemingly as an impetuous reaction to her rival's remark:

Giorgio Mammoliti almost had the cops called on his flagpole folly. The city councillor's plan to create a flag-flying gateway to his ward is at the centre of a complex scandal involving a push to have the city purchase some land for way too much money—a deal that was almost complete when fellow councillor John Filion threatened to call the police to stop it. (Instead, the auditor general stepped in, and two execs are no longer employed.) Mammoliti calls the story “the usual smear talk before an election.”

Why was this burnt-out car dangling? The hollowed-out blue Honda Civic was found hanging in early morning underneath the Leaside Bridge over the Don Valley. Police announced it was part of a production—until the film permit office opened and said that wasn't officially the case.

Sidewalk Toronto promises an “updated approach to data privacy.” The latest report on the Google affiliate's proposed Quayside project foreshadows a second public roundtable, amid continued confusion over Sidewalk's endgame. (Word of Google redeveloping said waterfront was also recently referenced on Silicon Valley.)

Kanye West is surfing the wave of Jordan Peterson. After people noticed that the red-pilled rapper was watching a Peterson video, Vanity Fair sources confirmed that West is a fan, which should only draw more attention to the prof’s American tour. The latest squabble over the legitimacy of his presence didn’t get far last week in Montreal. Peterson has also officially become the kind of figure that these glossy features are made of:

Brand irreverence on Twitter has run out of fuel. Remember when companies could get attention for being weird with social media? Perhaps it was all over when Wendy’s challenged a Nevada teen to get 18 million retweets for a year of chicken nuggets. (Despite all the media attention, he didn't come anywhere close.) Now, a Clarkston, Michigan barista who asked Air Canada for a free trip to meet his internet girlfriend in Corner Brook, Newfoundland is struggling to match the population of that province:

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The latest streaming video service to expand into Canada is an NBCUniversal offering dedicated to American reality shows.

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