Getting Better, Growing Internationally  

Submitted by Skip Greenaway, President/CEO - I am pleased to announce EAGLE has entered into a contract with Quincy Lissaur of QLCI Limited to support our efforts in strengthening the company's business processes and to grow our international

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  2018 Fee Structure  

As a reminder to the January 10, 2017, email communicating the new 2018 Fee structure, the new fees are ...continue reading

  Process Map Training  

In the new revision of the standards, Process definition out of section 4.4.1 is a foundational item to success. The process map (sequence and interactions) is the foundation of the system metrics and objectives, risks evaluation...continue reading

  SQF Edition 8 Resources  

SQF has made available the Edition 8, Module 2 Manufacturing Guidance document. All available guidance documents can be found on the SQF website. All remaining module guidance documents are expected to be...continue reading

  ISO 14001:2015 Resource  

The ISO website provides free information on ISO 14001 and transition. It includes FAQs, interpretations, mapping, terms and definitions, and other useful tools. We encourage you to review this website and the information available at this link.

  ISO 45001 Update  

ISO 45001 has officially moved to Final Draft International Standard stage. Once the standard is sent to the ISO 45001 Technical Advisory Group (which is made up of representatives of the ISO member countries) there will be...continue reading