Meghan Markle movie rescued from obscurity. The director of Anti-Social, a mostly ignored British crime thriller, has conveniently decided to “delve deeper into one of the storylines with… a shorter, more compact version of the original." The re-release via VOD is impeccably timed.

The first day of MPP Sam Oosterhoff. Before being sworn in this morning, the Ontario PC party's top teen slagged yesterday’s unanimously passed All Families Are Equal Act and tried staring down a scrum about his socially conservative beliefs. (Somebody on the scene likened it to Kevin Bacon’s hazing in Animal House: “Thank you sir, may I have another?”)

A new kind of protest about Uber. One year after Toronto cabbies started squaring off against their ride-for-hire rivals, UberEats deliverypeople are riled up over the app-maker's latest innovation: unilateral pay cuts. (Per its custom, Uber responded as sparsely as possible.) Some of the aggrieved drivers say they'll go work for Uber's competitorss, even if their branding is somewhat less sleek:

“I’ve had a beard since I was 18 and I identify as a bearded person.” Movember may be on the wane, but facial hair is in the news now: Allan Stokell told the Toronto Star that his human rights were violated when he was told he had to shave in order to take a seasonal job with UPS. The 68-year-old retired city worker believes the beard should qualify as a creed—but he's no longer interested in the gig, regardless.

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Andray Domise’s lawyer has “very sensitive” documents to show the court. The activist and journalist's domestic assault trial is set for January, but the defence hopes to resolve things sooner by securing unspecified information. After he announced a hiatus from Techsdale, his well-publicized non-profit, Domise deleted all his often-combative tweets, then deactivated his popular account. At least one friend is sticking up for him beyond social media:

CBC's ad-free idea is making media punditry even more depressing. The public broadcaster’s request for that extra $400 million or so has prompted a new chorus of columnist groaning. But cartoonist Graeme MacKay was especially elegiac about where this is headed either way:

Amazon Prime Video set for a pseudo-surprise Canadian debut—maybe! The shutdown of Shomi today will awaken a more ferocious kind of Netflix-killer tomorrow, judging by Bell Media president Mary Ann Turcke’s comments at a CRTC license hearing, which were widely reported as fact despite Amazon’s non-comment.

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