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"The Last Forest" wins 1st Prize at Estação-Imagem Award

The last forest

© Tommaso Rada/4SEE

Photographer Tommaso Rada was awarded the 1st Prize in Environmental Issues at "Estação Imagem" Award, held in Mora, a portuguese interior town, in the Alentejo region.

"Estação Imagem" is a prestigious prize and this year the jury was composed by photographers Emílio Morenatti from Associated Press, Patrick Baz from Agence France Press,  editors Marion Duran in “Newsweek”, Arianna Rinaldo from "Ojo de Pez", and Frédérique Babin.

"The Last Forest"

Mozambique forest always had a big area. Today this area is decreasing quickly due to high level of deforestation. The main cause are the fires used to create agriculture areas; also the ones used for illegal hunting; and the cut of trees for the wood industry.

The number of Chinese wood-buyers multiplied last year but they are not directly responsible for the big deforestation occuring. In fact, the real cause are the lack of clear laws and the high level of corruption between the officers that should control the forests.

If the trees are cut near the base they can regerminate and generate new trees. The problem is that this kind of cut takes more time and thus it is not done very often

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Photographer Tommaso Rada

Tommaso with is award in Mora

Tommaso Rada is based in Braga, Portugal. He was born in a small city in the north of Italy in 1979 and then as soon it was possible he ran away to Bologna where he attended the university.
He started to shoot photos from 1998 with an old FM2 film camera that now, even if he is shooting mostly digital, he is still keeping. He began to collaborate with several theatre companies and festivals as scene photographer; then he started to travel to Bosnia and to document the changing after the war, he soon discovered to be addicted to journalistic photo reportages. Along the years he attended several photography courses and workshops like the one organized by VII photo agency whit Gary Knight and Alexandra Boulat and specializing in photojournalism.
He made reportages in Italy, Portugal, Bosnia, Palestine/Israel, Mozambique and South Africa.

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