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Issue 2 - October 2013



I recently appeared on The Sally Naden Show on BBC Radio Lancashire. This gave me the opportunity to discuss my projects past and present and my ambitions for the future.

The Raindance Film Festival opened this week and I attended the Opening Gala to see the amazing documentary "How to Make Money Selling Drugs" at the Vue Leicester Square.

"Feet" has been selected for its 20th worldwide Film Festival! Hooray! It also featured in the English short-film festival of Rouen "This is England" and was short-listed for Best Fiction. Good to see the film with French subtitles!

I am delighted to introduce Alice D Cooper, the director of "Feet" who talks about her work below.


Director’s Note - Alice D Cooper - Director, Hurcheon Films

I directed Jane in my first short film "Feet", the story of two strangers who get their feet swapped on a stalled underground train. As one is Henry, a drunken rugby player (Simon Yadoo) and the other is a ballet dancer (Sarah Stone), it doesn’t come out well for either of them.

Henry staggers home, and dismisses his tiny calloused feet as a figment of his drunken state. But in the morning, they’re still there. Panicking, he totters to his rugby club physiotherapist (played by Jane) who is fascinated by the medical phenomenon.

To find out what happens, watch Feet and find out more about the film

And yes, we did hire a tube train, and all I had to do was raise a finger to make it stop and for all the lights to go out.

As you can imagine, the swapped feet provided their own problems, and it was a case of clever editing by Natasha Wilkinson. We put Sarah, the petite former ballet dancer in Henry’s trousers to help with the deception – they came up around her armpits. There’s only one occasion when the wrong feet are seen, and we’re grateful to Atomic Arts for donating their CGI wizardry.

Since completion in November 2010, "Feet" has been selected for 20 film festivals (including three in the USA, two in France and one in New Zealand); and it’s been showcased by the British Society of Cinematographers, WFTV and the New York New Filmmakers at Soho House, New York. On top of that, it’s been shortlisted for Best Direction and Best Actor (for Simon Yadoo) in the Van D’Or Awards, and for Best Supporting Actor (for Andrew Shepherd in the Maverick Film Awards in the USA).

I’ve gone on to create five more short films including three for Hurcheon Films, a drama for a museum installation and a gin film for For more details, click here

Amongst many projects, I am currently developing a short film with Jane for production in 2014.