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Collaborate with Commenters

For over 10 years, VoiceThreaders have created vibrant, engaging conversations and projects. Now creating collaborative VoiceThreads is even easier!  Next week commenters will be able to add slides to VoiceThreads without needing full edit access.

This feature will be available on Friday, October 28.  Learn more here.


What else is new in VoiceThread?

Find Comments
It’s quick and easy to find all comments made by a specific person on a VoiceThread! Whether you’re evaluating student work or just want to hear everything a particular person has to say, use the new comment search feature to quickly pull up anyone’s comments.  

YouTube Imports
Just grab the share link for any YouTube video and use that in the URL import option when creating a slide. This will pull that YouTube video into your VoiceThread so that you can record comments and doodle on it.

Copied Settings
Now when you copy a VoiceThread, the preferences you set on the original are copied over to the new one.  This is a small update with a big impact, especially when it comes to using VoiceThread for multiple projects or courses.


Coming Soon!

Google Drive Integration
Import your documents and other Google Drive files into VoiceThread. Any files that VoiceThread can accept normally can be imported from your Drive, including your active documents.

Kaltura Integration
Integrate VoiceThread with your institution’s Kaltura License to quickly and easily pull your video content into VoiceThread.  This is a great way to have dynamic conversations around the content you’re already creating.