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APRIL 2016

How to Green Your Office

Celebrate Earth Day by making your office more environmentally friendly! See our “green office” suggestions, plus: spring salads for work lunches, the benefits of workplace reading groups, and hair hacks for exercisers. Happy spring from The FruitGuys!


The Big Turnoff

From energy vampires to e-cycling, tips on making your workplace greener

The best way to show Mother Earth you love her is to help your workplace take steps to keep her alive, in WorkLife.

Spring for Lunch

Three fresh salads with spring ingredients

These packable salads take advantage of the foods that shout “spring!”—asparagus, strawberries, arugula, fresh peas. Fill your lunch box with the best the season has to offer in Food.

Book It!


Office book clubs can energize your work and career

Looking for a way to boost morale and creativity at work? Want a steady diet of new ideas to energize your career? Start a business book club. Read how in WorkLife.

Beyond the Ponytail

Hair hacks for exercisers

Taking care of your hair can be a chore if exercise is part of your daily routine. Sandra Smit has some hassle-free tips for workout hair maintenance in Fitness.

Why You Should Keep a Food Journal

Food logging can help you lose or maintain your weight

Food logging is simply keeping track of what you eat. Developing this habit can help you manage your weight. Miriam Wolf tells you how in Diet and Health.

Barnraiser Gives Cash to Small Farms

Your donation will fund a small farm’s sustainability project

Want to help small farms achieve greater environmental, economic, and community health? The FruitGuys Community Fund’s Barnraiser project provides cash grants to small farms for sustainability projects. Find out more in GoodWorks.

2015 GoodWorks Annual Report

Here’s what we achieved together in 2015

The FruitGuys GoodWorks program began the same year the company did, and they have grown together—in 2015, 1.3 million servings of produce were donated directly to those in need, a new record.

Learn how we support farms and feed the hungry, and how you can get involved. Check out our 2015 GoodWorks Annual Report (includes an interactive version).

Snack Smarter!

Introducing a smarter way to snack! Our new 1-oz snack packs are the perfect‪ size to satisfy a craving, and the ideal companion to a piece of our delicious farm-fresh fruit. Visit fruitguys.com/snacks for more info. Call us now at 1-877-378-4863 or email us at info@fruitguys.com to start snacking smarter.