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August 2013 Newsletter

“Ahhh, That’s So Cute” — 6 Lessons Learned About Outreach

My latest book, Smart Sales Manager, was born last month. Ta-da! It’s MY Royal Baby, and I’m introducing it to the world. Just like every newborn, it needs daily feeding, attention, and affection it can get to to survive and thrive in this big world.

Recently, one HUGE media outlet picked up coverage for the book, and it will be featured in the next few months. But wait: There's more. My Millennial daughter works for a fast-growing boutique PR firm in NYC. She is on fire with her outreach efforts and constantly getting huge hits for her clients. Hey, I said, what about me? Well, she took my target top 10 well-researched outlets and sent them each outreach emails letting them know about my new book, asking for a few minutes of their time -- and, BTW, mentioned that she was my daughter and so proud of her mama. Her email tone was casual, fun, bold, and human.

A few weeks later, on a Sunday afternoon, she received a response and request for a podcast interview of me.  When she responded to schedule a date and time,  the program host found it  “so cute” that my daughter was helping her mom with PR efforts that she asked to interview BOTH of us, dedicating half of the segment for the book and the other half on publicity and mother/daughter team.

6 lessons learned from this about getting people interested in what you have to say:

  1. Do your research and target the right outlets. If your contacts and content don’t align, you’re wasting your time. Do your research and make sure the entity you are contacting has a good reason to be interested in partnering with you.
  2. Tone matters. As long as you stay professional and appropriate, you can lighten up on your tone and great great results. Why? Because now you’re connecting  human to human, not like you have something to sell. Be bold! Have fun!
  3. The third (or eleventh) time’s the charm. Oh, so you called once and they didn’t get back to you? Oh, twice? Stick with it. The multiple-attempt strategy really gets responses. Stay on it and don’t give up.



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