The former Vice editor charged with cocaine conspiracy was living under an alias in Montreal. Yaroslav Pastukhov was at the centre of a National Post investigation two years ago, about how the Toronto journalist allegedly recruited drug mules currently jailed in Australia. This time around, his former workplace also acknowledged the story:

Adnan Virk lost his American gig after being fingered as a leaker. The fast-rising career of the Ryerson graduate led him to hosting Baseball Tonight on ESPN —until management concluded he was the source of an Awful Announcing story about his own future with the network. Having just signed a new contract, Virk is reportedly seeking severance.

“Banana Burglar” tale is a big hit for Peel Police. The name of the region containing Mississauga feeds international amusement over how the 69-year-olds who own A&J Convenience beat away a bandit with a bunch of bananas. Despite the glory, the Peel cops advised Saungae and Iksoo Kim to avoid using fruit as a weapon in the future:

“All of that is put at risk by this because many people don’t understand who exactly produces Minutes, don’t understand what constitutes a Minute.” Anthony Wilson-Smith, the CEO of Historica Canada, claimed that a Conservative parody led to a potential depletion of donations. The CPC has since deleted any Heritage Minute branding. Historica now considers the matter closed.

Suspicion surrounds story of the cryptocurrency guy who died. Canadian bitcoin exchange QuadrigaCX announced the death of its sole password-holder Gerald Cotten at age 30 while volunteering at an orphanage in India, due to complications with Chron’s Disease. Some investors are left wondering how much of this is true:

Sunrise Records salvaging HMV excludes its flagship. The circumstances that saved the chain in Canada will extend to the U.K., where HMV will retain its name under Hamilton-based ownership. Yet, much as how Sunrise couldn’t justify paying rent at 333 Yonge, the first HMV isn’t part of the deal:

Morley Safer is going to get a Toronto laneway. The late 60 Minutes anchor, who died in May 2016, is on the latest list of recommended downtown lane names, which also includes Wayne and Shuster. Safer is the rare American celebrity buried here.

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