No need for vaccinations when riding with the great unwashed. A viral video of a subway scrap didn’t do much for the TTC's image this week, and that was after frustration with Presto reached a new boiling point. Then, Metrolinx had to apologize after Twitter discovered a photo of an office whiteboard where some jokester labelled the TTC a "cesspool."

“We put a bike lane on Bloor Street and the world didn’t end.” Councillor Joe Cressy turned on the smarm after the Toronto Star obtained data about the effects of the new bike lanes, which have drawn 36 per cent more cyclists to the corridor, but added eight-and-a-half minutes to afternoon auto commutes. The city is thinking about tweaking traffic signals in order to balance things out.

Kevin O’Leary can turn any party upside down. This weekend’s Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa served as a coming out for O'Leary, who's not only still selling wine on American TV, but is also still getting paid for talking politics on CNBC. And yet O’Leary’s presence is significant for an ailing Conservative party that would otherwise be stuck with just Doug Ford. For proof of how intoxicating political fame can be, consider this deleted tweet:

Ontario Liberals adopt the language of President Trump. Economic development minister Brad Duguid blurted out the term “fake news” at a Tuesday press conference when asked about the perception of the MaRS Discovery District as a money pit. (He later claimed to be referring to opposition critics and apologized to “our professional media.”) On Thursday, finance minister Charles Sousa tossed out the words “alternative facts” in the legislature, which earned him a warning from the speaker. (So, maybe co-opting these terms for marketing purposes is best left to newspapers.)

Sam Oosterhoff gets caught trying to crowdfund his future. Facing new dissent in the Ontario PC party ranks, the team behind “Doogie Howser, MPP” turned to GoFundMe to start raising $50,000 for election campaigning in Niagara West-Glanbrook. While brotherly organizer Aaron Oosterhoff argued that this tactic didn't contravene election laws, someone must've decided it does, because the donation page was shut down this morning.

The first customer to tweet from the Junction A&W. The first location in the chain’s “Urban Franchise Program,” aimed at attracting millennial investors, finally opened at Keele and Dundas, where it serves as the cornerstone of the restored Campbell Block. One gentleman documented the long-anticipated experience, which included getting a complimentary apple turnover as compensation for some delays behind the counter.

Jay and Dan’s excellent adventure ends with a whimper. Three-and-a-half years after becoming the L.A.-based highlight anchors for Fox Sports 1, the former TSN anchor duo abruptly lost their jobs (despite an attempt last year to retool their role into something more irreverent). While they're not commenting on what's next, a return to Toronto is predicted. The value of their act has likely changed.

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Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason writes from Vancouver to tell Toronto it's now having one of these.

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