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Fresita Chilean Sparkling Wine Infused with Handpicked Strawberries

This weekend treat Mom (and yourself) to this pure, all natural, easy-drinking sparkling wine from Chile that is infused with fresh hand-picked Patagonian strawberries. Fresita can be enjoyed almost any time of day and would be perfect to have on hand for Sunday Brunch. Chill Fresita well: it should be served between 4 and 6°C.


Tasting Notes: Strawberry-pink in colour, you can see the tiny bits of strawberry pulp in the bottle and glass. Fresh-picked strawberry aromas and flavours on the nose and palate are pure and authentic. This elegant bubbly is a joy to drink. Fresita is perfectly balanced with genuine strawberry flavours, a touch of sweetness and zippy citrus acidity. 8% alcohol makes it easy to enjoy at any occasion.

Enjoy With: Strawberry-based desserts, pancakes or waffles with strawberries, dark chocolate or all on its own.

Style: Light and fruity off-dry sparkling wine infused with real strawberries.

Terroir/Region: Chile’s grape growing regions are diverse and produce a wide range of grape varieties including cold-climate whites like the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc used in Fresita. Wines that use ingredients other than grapes do not fall under any specific appellation, so the label on Fresita states: “The Original Blend of Chilean Sparkling Wine and Handpicked Strawberries”.

Producer: Chile is home to its own species of wild strawberries native to Patagonia. The fruit is different from the woodland cultivar that grows in North America and Europe and has an intense strawberry aroma and flavour. Fresita’s winemakers, who were already expert sparkling wine producers, developed a method of infusing wine with strawberries to invent Fresita.

Availability: Fresita can be found in the Sparkling Wine section at the LCBO. It is available all year round.

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Price: $14.15

LCBO#: 383901

Size: 750 mL

Alcoholic Content: 8.0% alc./vol.