You won’t hear about this from Ontario News Now. Doug Ford said his government was “taking the opportunity to calibrate our cabinet,” even though Global News reported that the departure of MPP Jim Wilson was actually in response to allegations of sexual misconduct. Despite many questions, the official story remains that Wilson’s retreat had nothing to do with such complaints:

Take Down is now about Patrick Brown’s “attempted” political assassination. The imminent memoir, announced in May with an absurd excerpt, presumably now ends with Brown becoming the mayor of Brampton. It’ll be launched in that city on the same night that the Ontario PCs are kicking off their annual party convention in Etobicoke.

Adrienne Clarkson’s entitlements turn out to sometimes be twice as much. Revelations of spending by the former governor general spurred Jagmeet Singh to start questioning the cost of connections to the monarchy. And what was originally reported as $100,000 a year has occasionally teetered towards the limit of $206,000:

Belinda Stronach’s brother claims a “complete breakdown in trust and confidence.” Following the $520-million civil suit from Frank Stronach against his daughter Belinda and her family, Andy Stronach has launched his own lawsuit, which claims that there’s a liquidity crisis at the Stronach Group. Amidst this activity, Belinda’s electronic musician son charted his first U.S. Billboard dance hit.

Ross Rebagliati is ready to cash in on legal weed. The snowboarder, who was briefly stripped of his Olympic gold medal after testing positive for cannabis, reached the peak of his Canadian fame about 20 years ago with a stoner-anthem compilation CD. Things didn’t go too great after that, but Rebagliati hopes to change his fortunes soon:

Ottawa Senators video demands damage control from Uber. Reaction to the leak of a video of players talking candidly during a ride in Phoenix has sparked concern about the ethics of it all. Postmedia conspicuously didn’t have a byline on its story about the incident. Uber Canada’s GM is stuck trying to assure everyone that it won’t ever happen again:

Centerpoint Mall has the most cursed anchor store in town. The shopping centre at Yonge and Steeles lost Target Canada as a primary tenant. Lowe’s, which filed the space three years later, now has Centerpoint on a list of shuttering locations.

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The LCBO accidentally printed this translation instruction on store posters encouraging the purchase of vin cette semaine.

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