Rona Ambrose won’t be restarting at the bottom. The interim Conservative leader will resign from Parliament to “seek a new chapter in my life” after a new leader is installed. Ambrose will be taking a post as a visiting fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. (Without her Snapchat stylings, the NDP's Jagmeet Singh will be the unquestioned king of the platform.)

Summer dread begins in mid-May. Recent rising water levels will keep the Toronto Islands closed for anything fun until at least June 30. But the TTC claims to have dealt with the “hot car” plague that moistened the Bloor-Danforth line last year. The woman who invited mayor John Tory to sweat along with her will believe it when she feels it.

“To me, it looks more like a prison.” While the province plans to shrink the power of the Ontario Municipal Board, giving more say to cities, a rationale for the OMB's existence plays out amidst the sprawl of King Township. A 48-unit stacked townhouse development, four storeys high, is evidently anathema in this world of McMansions.

Condo board members accused of sketchy shenanigans. Three men who were good at pretending not to know one another got elected to oversee the $2.5-million budget of the a new condo tower at St. Joseph and Yonge, reports the Globe and Mail. Turns out, the trio were involved in similar highrise activities elsewhere. But none of them would answer questions when CBC News went probing. The appointment of one of them to the board of the Element condos, at 20 Blue Jays Way, appears to have led to that building signing an energy contract that has put residents on the hook for almost $100,000 in increased costs.

Windsor Salt legacy lives on a bootleg T-shirt. The recent repositioning of the dots on the salt boxes upset fans of the original 1962 design. But the style is getting a tribute from a merchandise operation that has also created salutes to Becker’s, Mac’sWing’s and Wok With Yanplus the rental chain Video 99. (The shirtmaker has so far remained elusive enough to skirt any legal action.)

Toucan Sam lands just in time for Canada 150. Birthday-cake-flavoured Froot Loops are the most ridiculous product created for the sesquicentennial, so far. The birthday box has a “Prepared in Canada” stamp, lest Kellogg's be the next food company to have its lack of supermarket patriotism fall under fire.

The last words from those “Appropriation Prize" guys. Ken Whyte, who attempted to create a prize for cultural appropriation, in response to a semi-facetious suggestion by now-former Write magazine editor Hal Niedzviecki, says he still agrees with the basic idea. Niedzviecki stands by his sentiments—though he’s sorry about the insulting tone.

Word of the moment


The notorious strip club on the Queensway has been sold to a developer, much to the relief of its residential neigbhours. (The location in Bloordale remains standing.)

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