What's Your Dream Landscape?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to great landscaping. While thoughtful, deliberate planning is crucial to any outdoor project, the possibilities are endless.

Every property is unique, as is every homeowner. Your home's landscaping should reflect your own style and personality. Functionally speaking, the way in which you intend to use your outdoor spaces will guide your plan. Do you want to develop an extensive outdoor living area? How much of your yard do you want to devote to turf areas vs. plant beds?

After functionality has been addressed, it is time to think about the overall landscape style. Are you going for a tidy, manicured look, or more wild and untamed? Will the landscape be dominated by larger trees, or will the area be more open with a focus on smaller plants and shrubs? The fun part is that there are no right or wrong answers!

So let your mind wander. Your yard is an empty canvass that will eventually be more than just a pretty picture, but rather a living, breathing landscape. The shape and style that it takes are totally up to you – so be creative!