“I recognize now that I have gone down a wrong path and have exercised very poor judgment.” Conservative MP Tony Clement, a 57-year-old married man who’s fond of social media, resigned from his Commons committee duties after admitting he shared certain images with what he believed was an eager female, but who was anything but:

Doug Ford says he pushed a rehab storyline to support a sexual misconduct accuser. MPP Jim Wilson wasn’t forced to resign from the Ontario PCs simply because of addiction issues. The premier initially hid sexual misconduct allegations against Wilson to abide by the wishes of a staffer who didn’t want her story to be revealed in the media.

“Are Canadians Illegally Voting For Beto O’Rourke?” That’s what Alex Jones's outlet asked in reaction to a few joking tweets about fradulently using American social security numbers to cast ballots against Ted Cruz. But the staff of Infowars can breathe easier now that the Calgary-born senator from Texas has hung on to his job:

Neil Young is still steamed up about Donald Trump. “Rockin’ in the Free World” continues to be played at Trump rallies, 40 months after the song's creator first blasted his biggest fan for the practice—even though the complaints seem to have limited legal grounds. Young remains a Canadian citizen, but a video he made to get out the vote provided proper confirmation of his marriage to Daryl Hannah.

The final Goddo show will be “a marginal whimper.” Greg Godovitz is tired of teaching a rotating crew of band members how to play “Pretty Bad Boy.” So he’s cancelling the act after 43 years. The Toronto band won’t offer farewells at home:

WE really wants you to read its libel notice. A feature story questioning pratctices at the charity drew a formal response that falls in line with past legal actions taken by WE. For the time being, Canadaland is helping publicize WE’s responses:

Maclean’s and Chatelaine won’t be playing defence. Rogers was ready to announce that most of its magazines were sold to The Hockey News saviour Roustan Media. But then Rogers requested a delay in closing the deal, to look at other bids—at which point Graeme Roustan withdrew his offer.

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The home decor chain established in St. John’s in 1811 is seeking creditor protection in tandem with the Bombay Company.

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