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Let's start with a small but wonderful "one of a kind" collection from the workshop of Agnes Seebass. There is almost an industrial look to this body of work - some are with pre-Columbian jade, some are with 18k gold plate and keum boo on oxidized silver.  (Keum-Boo “attached gold” is an ancient jewelry technique originating in Korea, which is used to attach gold foil to sterling silver.) 

The baskets are handwoven by a man from the Pwo Karen tribe in the north-western highlands of Thailand.  They are beautifully executed bamboo and rattan weavings and we lucky to have these. The men of the Pwo Karen are the basket weavers but village life is changing and with it the men are moving on.

New from Sop Moei Arts in Thailand:  a computer backpack with handwoven hemp and cotton fabric and a perfect interior for walking around with your office on your back.  

Filigree from Indonesia: unbelievably detailed hand work in sterling silver.

A note regarding this weekend: It is the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival. We have a blast every year doing this show - we have lots of oddities and whatnots for sale in front of our shops as well as both shops are currently filled to the brim. However, if you are not a jazz lover or do not like crowds, drop by another day.

Happy 4th! 


Agnes Seebass

One of a kind pendants with pre-Columbian jade

Agnes Seebass

Oxidized sterling silver with gold plate and with Keum boo 

Baskets from the Pwo Karen

Double woven baskets as wine holder or for air plants or Ikebana

I found these sugar molds (piloncillo) turned into a rustic candle holders in Mexico City.

From Sop Moei Arts

Back pack for your computer 

Filigree from Indonesia