Preventing “Crabby” Grass

If there’s anything that sticks out like a sore thumb, it’s crabgrass in an otherwise beautiful lawn. This annual weed shows up like clockwork every spring, sprouting from seed and putting down roots quickly, then going to work giving lawns an overall ragged look.

Left untreated, crabgrass will spread more and more each year. Eventually, its stalky stems and unsightly leaves will crowd out your good grass.

Since just one crabgrass plant can produce between 2,000 and 4,000 seeds per year, it’s important to put a stop to the problem before it gets started. The best way to do that is to treat your lawn with a preemergent herbicide in early spring, before crabgrass seeds have a chance to sprout. Fortunately, the first two applications of our custom lawn care program include preemergent herbicide.

Preemergent herbicide acts as your lawn’s personal bodyguard. Applied to the top inch of your soil, it can cut down on crabgrass growth by killing the seeds as they begin germinating.

Once treated, my lawn will be protected from future invasions. right?

When crabgrass plants die, the problem isn’t gone for good; it’s just hidden. Certain seeds can be kept from sprouting this season, but chances are that there are still other seeds in your soil that will begin germinating next spring or even years from now. Since crabgrass poses an ongoing threat to the health and beauty of your lawn, yearly applications of preemergent herbicide are a necessity.

I don’t see any crabgrass in my lawn. do I really need to have it treated?

When it comes to your lawn, prevention is the best medicine. Post-emergent controls, which are included in our second custom lawn care application, attack crabgrass after it appears.

This weed tends to spread very quickly once it’s allowed to germinate, making a combination of preemergents and post-emergents the ideal plan of attack. The custom lawn care program from Garrick-Santo prevents most crabgrass from germinating and then follows up with post-emergent for the little that survives.

Custom Lawn Care Program
(The foundation to a beautiful, weed-free lawn)

Service Description: This service includes up to five applications. Application intervals are timed for best results. Our program is designed to initially increase and then maintain the health and vigor of your turf, with visits tailored to the needs of your property. Turf areas are inspected regularly for signs of insect or fungal activity, and if we find a problem, we will notify you with pricing for curative treatment. All visits are coordinated with your mowing schedule for optimal results and are applied by a licensed applicator per Massachusetts state law.

*Grub control and fungicides are applied only if needed, at an additional charge. Spot treatments may be needed and are billed separately.

Additional Herbicide Services

Some weeds are hard to control. Call our certified pesticide applicators to order the following services.

Turf Spot Spray

Creeping Charlie (pictured left), violets and clover are examples of perennial weeds that are difficult to control in turf lawns. To kill these established root systems without ruining your lawn, specialty herbicides are needed.

Crack and Crevice Spray

Do weeds emerge from cracks in your sidewalk? Our crack and crevice spray service uses a mix of herbicides to kill existing weeds and prevent germination of new weeds for up to 4 months. This service is also great to keep weeds out of gravel beds.

Poison Ivy Spray

No one wants this toxic plant around. Protect your pets and loved ones. Order this service at the first sign of poison ivy!

Perimeter Spray

Keep weeds from growing inside your fence with a perimeter spray. This spray mix will control young, woody plants and contains an herbicide to prevent germination.

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