What kind of candidate runs against two incumbents? The topsy-turvy lead-up to the 25-ward municipal election has resulted in 11 ridings where two sitting councillors are running against one another. As a result, about 75 non-incumbent candidates decided to bail on the election. Here’s a glance at five of those who opted to stick with it.

Erica Kelly—running against John Campbell and Stephen Holyday. This is the second time this year that Kelly is campaigning in Etobicoke Centre, following an unsuccessful provincial NDP run. That earlier attempt led to a Toronto Sun story about a Facebook comment in which she ranted about civil-war-threatening “gun nuts.” (Kelly then apologized.)

Lekan Olawoye—running against Frank Di Giorgio and Frances Nunziata. Polling a distant third in York South-Weston is an executive from the MaRS Discovery District, who finished 1,343 votes behind Di Giorgio in 2014. Olawoye also maintains a penchant for good campaign graphic design:

Louise Russo—running against Maria Augimeri and James Pasternak. Gun violence is the focus of Russo’s campaign in York Centre. She’s getting some attention because of her notability for being shot in 2004 during a botched mob hit. Despite long odds, Russo got the local MP to endorse her:

Deanna Sgro—running against Giorgio Mammoliti and Anthony Perruzza. The story to watch in Humber River-Black Creek is whether former school trustee Tiffany Ford can knock out Mammo. But the riding also has the daughter of a Liberal MP on the ballot. Sgro previously ran as an MPP—the Liberals stood by her despite a complicated legal career.

George Smitherman—running against Lucy Troisi and Kristyn Wong-Tam. Toronto Centre has the David Crombie-endorsed Wong-Tam facing Troisi, who promised not to run in this election when council appointed her to replace Pam McConnell. But this is also where Smitherman is still trying:

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