Making the Cut with Winter Pruning

It’s unfortunate just how many full-sized trees and shrubs must eventually be removed because they’ve been allowed to grow too far out of bounds. With regular, maintenance-level pruning, drastic repairs and removals can almost always be avoided.

If your trees and shrubs haven’t been pruned in a while, this winter is a great time for it. Once leaves have fallen, it’s much easier to see where pruning needs to take place for a quicker, more efficient job. It’s also a good bet that your yard sees less activity during the winter months, so any pruning work this winter will be much less disruptive to you and your family.

With winter pruning, your trees and shrubs will have a tidier, more well-kept appearance. A tree's long-term health can also be bolstered by removing diseased or dying limbs and branches. Smart pruning can prevent decay and disease from spreading to healthy areas of the tree.

Branches that overlap and rub against each other can be removed. Excessive growth that is blocking driveways, walkways and windows can be cut back, and damage from severe weather can be prevented with dormant pruning.

In short, the cuts made in winter pruning will go far deeper than looks. With proper winter pruning, you can look forward to healthier, more beautiful, more valuable trees and shrubs in the year to come. Garrick-Santo offers a variety of winter tree and shrub services, so let us know what we can do for you!

Winter Pruning Services

Plant Health Assessment

Are your shrubs overgrown, ugly or unhealthy? Walk through your property with one of our plant health care experts. We will use our knowledge of each species in your lawn to prescribe a pruning plan to improve the form and health of your woody plants.

Specialty Pruning - Shrubs and Small Trees

Specialty pruning services include:
Deadwood Removal - Pruning out dead limbs and twigs will make the plant look prettier and invigorate new growth.

Revitalization Prune - Cutting shrubs like forsythia or privet way back encourages revitalizing growth.

Unique Forms - Thinning or shaping woody plants with unique forms, such as weeping Japanese maples or cherries.

Reduction Pruning - Reduction technique is when a shrub is too big for the space it inhabits (for example, a rhododendron covering a window).

Hedgerow Cleanup

The woodland border creeps closer and closer every year. Fight back! A hedgerow cleanup will remove that top growth of the small shrubs, trees and vines encroaching on livable space.

Tree Pruning

Remove deadwood, excess growth and other liabilities from the trees on your property.

Tree Removal

Is it dead? Is it dangerous? If so, it's got to go!

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