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Pisse-Dru Beaujolais AC 2015, France

For many white wine enthusiasts, Beaujolais provides a gateway to the world of red wine. This light-hearted wine is refreshing, fruity and has no harsh, drying tannins or oak. It’s relatively low in alcohol (12%) and very, very drinkable. It’s the perfect ‘picnic wine’ to enjoy al fresco throughout the long-weekend. Chill Pisse-Dru down for 15 to 20 minutes before serving.


Tasting Notes: This light, fresh and fun red wine bursts with fresh berry and plum notes on the nose and palate. Youthful and balanced, Pisse-Dru has a clean, medium-long, dry finish with hints of spice and flowers. This ‘quaffing wine’ should be enjoyed with gusto.

Enjoy With: Hot or cold picnic food, turkey burgers, grilled salmon, charcuterie and medium-flavoured cheese.

Style: Light-bodied and fruity, dry red wine.

Terroir/Region: The Beaujolais appellation or region lies in Burgundy’s southern rolling countryside. Sandy-granite soil and a moderately warm climate combine to provide the ideal growing conditions for Gamay, the key grape of the region. Beaujolais is purposely crafted to be fruity and dry with no tannin, which is the wine’s hallmark style.

Producer: For many years, Pisse-Dru Beaujolais was sold exclusively in France, Quebec and Ontario. The wine is produced, cellared and bottled by one of Burgundy’s oldest and most respected companies, Patriarche Père et Fils, and is now available in other markets. Pisse-Dru’s newly designed label has recently arrived at the LCBO.

Availability: Pisse-Dru Beaujolais AC 2015 is available all year round at the LCBO and in some grocery stores. Look for it in the French section.

Pisse-Dru is on sale until May 21, with $2.00 off the regular price.

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Price: $11.00 (regular price $13.00)

LCBO#: 2881

Size: 750 mL

Alcoholic Content: 12.0% alc./vol.