Realities bite back at John Tory. The mayor is pledging to “do everything” to get rid of gang violence, and he's telling Ottawa that Toronto’s system can’t handle any more refugees. But then there’s the matter of launching his re-election campaign in Deer Park, with snark about the area councillor, who offered this backhanded reaction: “YES” reads the top of this website, designed by the Conservatives to track days when the PM's itinerary is marked “personal.” Alas, the site was unveiled on a Quebec civic holiday. And this was after the CPC wrongly blamed the PM for expensing a $7,500 swing set.

Collingwood’s Olde Red Hen ain’t what it seems to be. The Ontario eatery drew the digital wrath of Trump supporters, who are infuriated with a similarly named Lexington, Virginia restaurant for ejecting Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “The only thing worse than the intolerance at this restaurant is the service and the food,” read one misdirected comment:

McCafé might serve up muffin tops. Two new standalone McD’s coffee shops are set for downtown Toronto. The rollout coincides with an item being tested in Baltimore: a Seinfeld-influenced scheme to sell tops of the muffins to you.

Swoop is the future of airport journalism. In recent months, the Toronto Star has launched a new business section, added coverage of other cities, and committed to more investigative reporting. Sending a reporter to chronicle every detail of the maiden Edmonton to Hamilton flight of Westjet’s discount carrier clearly accessed all areas:

CHUM’s rebranding hasn’t sounded much different. Bell Media revealed a new logo and slogan (“Make Toronto Pop”) and dropped the “FM” part of CHUM 104.5—because there’s no longer an AM brand to distinguish it from. But the CHUM call letters are still technically attached to TSN Radio 1050, whose original morning host delivered a detailed rant about its mismanagement:

Norman Hardie is no longer Winemaker of the Year. The recent award has been rescinded in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations that the Prince Edward County vintner conceded were partly true—leading to a wide withdrawal of his wine. The awards will now “screen” future potential recipients.

Word of the moment


A park near Bathurst and Highway 401 will be renamed for Elijah Marsh, the three-year-old who froze to death after wandering from home on a cold February morning.

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