“Canadians can only conclude that reports of political interference are true.” Andrew Scheer is calling an emergency meeting to investigate claims that former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould was reassigned for refusing to help SNC-Lavalin avoid prosecution. Her dad also had stuff to say:

BuzzFeed and the Toronto Star bust a Yellow Vest supporter trying to make a buck. Fake News connecting a moratorium on work camps outside Fort McMurray to plans for a new mosque was part of a scheme to profit from the protest movement.

New ice sculptures try to bring a nicer hand to King West. Frozen middle fingers directed at the streetcar pilot last winter seemed to mostly reward the sculptor. But this winter, some restaurants are using ice sculptures to advertise $7 appetizers in the hopes of getting city council to lift the street’s driving restrictions, whether or not the weather cooperates:

Five-pin bowling finds a new way to survive. Shamrock Bowl, the Coxwell and Gerrard alley built in 1952, had a brief revival from 2009 to 2011, then fell prey to the bowling apocalypse. But the five-pin game invented in Toronto will get a resurrection, as part of a restobar restoration of the Shamrock.

Roll Up the Rim to Win is on a losing streak. The annual Tim Hortons contest got a plug in the New York Times, in the obituary of co-founder Ron Joyce. But two 12-year-olds in Calgary inspired one academic to declare the concept obsolete:

Facial-recognition maps were just a dress rehearsal for what the malls really want to do. Cadillac Fairview got caught using cameras to scan shoppers looking at store directories. But the shopping centre landlord isn’t being secretive about what’s ahead: a division designed to develop apps that somehow learn what to tell you to buy:

His Master’s Voice branding survival was forced upon Sunrise. Doug Putman, president of Sunrise Records, talked to Billboard about his 11th-hour acquisition of the U.K.'s HMV stores. He hoped to change the chain's name to Sunrise, except the deal wouldn’t allow for it—raising speculation about whether the HMV name will also return to Canada.

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