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Toro Bravo Secco Sparkling Wine

Oscar weekend is coming up! This year we are adding a twist to what we’re sipping over the evening. The plan is to pour Toro Bravo Secco and make a different sparkling wine cocktail for each segment of the night! For the red carpet, our spin on a Kir Royale is Toro Bravo Secco and Crème de Cassis. It’s on to Mimosas for the early categories, then maybe a French 75 (Toro Bravo plus gin, sugar and lemon juice) for the actor’s categories. After that, a refreshing sip of Toro Bravo Secco is all we’ll need to make it to Best Picture.

Tasting Notes: If Cava is Spain’s answer to Champagne, Toro Bravo Secco is Spain’s answer to Prosecco. Like its Italian cousin, this wine is focused on a fruity style, with a creamy, bubbly mousse and notes of citrus, juicy apple and white peach.

Enjoy With: Creamy cheeses, spicy appetizers, roasted chicken, mac and cheese, grilled fish, or baked brie with dried fruit and crushed nuts.

Style: A dry, light-bodied, fruity sparkling wine.

Terroir/Region: Toro Bravo Secco comes from the Spanish region of Cataluña where vineyards are scattered among rocky outcrops across the landscape. Soils here are mineral-rich and the weather is harsh, but these less-favourable elements naturally lower the yield of the vineyards and increase the intensity of the fruit.

Producer: Team Toro Bravo has used the Charmat method – like Prosecco – to create an easy-drinking, fruity style of sparkling, while using the same grapes their neighbours use to make Cava, which is more traditional to the region. They also selected a specially made screw cap so you can lock in the bubbles for the next day, or the day after that.

AvailabilityToro Bravo Secco is available in the Sparkling Wine section of your local LCBO and for online purchasing.

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Price: $13.95 

LCBO #: 16191

Size: 750 mL 

Alcohol Content: 11% alc./vol.