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Welcome to HomeDelivery!

HomeDelivery will arrive monthly to provide you with relevent news and information about programs and services provided by AHFC and our partners. 

Whether you are just starting the homebuying process or are a long time home owner, AHFC can work with you for all your housing needs.

What you may not know about AHFC

Being in the know about the programs and services AHFC has to offer could benefit you throughout your home buying, renting and owning experience.

Did you know that AHFC:

  • Teaches a free HomeChoice class where you can learn the in's and out's of the home buying process;
  • Offers more than 10 workshops for home owners to learn the fundamentals of making their homes energy and cost efficient, safe, and comfortable;
  • Has several lending programs that include First Time Homebuyers, Down Payment Assistance, Veterans and Rural Development;
  • Partners with local property managers to provide free apartment and rental listings on our Housing Locator site;
  • Collaborates with 16 AHFC offices to provide services statewide

If you are thinking about buying, renting, or upgrading your home, let AHFC be your one-stop-shop for products, programs, and information.