The embattled senators are still lurking together. The prime minister made four fresh appointments to the Senate, filling all its seats for the first time in eight years. Two prior Conservative appointees, both of whom faced scrutiny over spending, are still on the job alongside a guy once clobbered by Trudeau:

“It’s a bad episode of Pimp My Ride.” NDP leader Andrea Horwath threw down this MTV reference as she was commenting on a disputed claim that Doug Ford’s chief of staff, Dean French, wanted the OPP to keep a souped-up RV off the books. The premier still expects the OPP’s new commissioner, family friend Ron Taverner, to get sworn in on schedule.

Cannabis storefronts face a hard time in the 905. Mississauga has joined Markham in saying no to brick-and-mortar weed sales. Toronto has no plans to reject the stores, not to mention the accompanying provincial cash, but councillor Jim Karygiannis wants every ward to decide for itself. Meanwhile, a thonged icon of the pre-legalization era is seeking more than his seized marijuana:

Jilly’s space finds a mere makeover is not enough. The longtime strip club was renovated with the rest of the Broadview Hotel, in the hopes of bringing the east end a counterpart to boutique hotels on West Queen West. Running the renovated building turned out to be more work than initially imagined—but now it has a Virginia-based company overseeing those record players and mini-bars.

Joe Warmington takes the front-page challenge. The Toronto Sun has a classic tabloid cover with “LEGAL ‘NYMPH’,” about a law student who faces a good-character hearing because she moonlights as an escort. A day earlier, the Sun’s front was advertising a special from Halibut House, an offer that a certain Scrawler found too tasty to refuse:

Bathurst Bowlerama readies for its last roll, roll, roll. After 56 years, those lanes are closing on December 15. The site at Bathurst and Glencairn will become a residence and hotel. The bowling alley was originally part of the Shea’s chain, and later boasted the branding of Bowlerama, which still remains in Barrie and Rexdale. We’ll always have the boy with the bowl haircut trying to roll a strike.

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