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MAY 2016

All Hail the Strawberry!

Rejoice! ​Strawberry season is upon us, and we have 13 reasons why we love them. Plus, meet the farms from The FruitGuys Community Fund’s class of 2016, ​how to ​spring-clean your office​ (or just your desk)​, prepping your bike for summer, and ​much more​! 


Ode to a Beloved Berry

Thirteen ways of looking at a strawberry

Strawberries are the first berry of the year to hit the market. Read about 13 ways to celebrate the primal pleasure of this spring delight in Food.

Funding for Small Sustainable Farms Breaks New Ground

Meet The FruitGuys Community Fund’s class of 2016

The nonprofit FruitGuys Community Fund awarded grants to 10 farms for sustainability projects to help save bees, water, and energy; improve soil health; train future farmers; and feed and nurture the hungry. More in GoodWorks.

Make a Clean Sweep


Five tips for spring-cleaning the office

There are few things more motivating and refreshing than decluttering and putting everything in its right place. Jonanna Widner explains how to clean up your work space in WorkLife.

Off the Chain

Five steps to getting your bike ready for spring

There may be no better way to bask in the aura of spring than cycling. Before you get started, here are five steps to prep your bike for the season. Jonanna Widner tells you how in Fitness.

Women and Weights 101

Get strong and healthy in the weight room

Want to be toned and fit in time for summer? Take up weight lifting this spring. Miriam Wolf tells you how to get started in Fitness.

Ask The FruitGuys

Q: Is it true that The FruitGuys uses organic strawberries in all of its mixed boxes when strawberries are offered?

A: Yes. If you receive our mixed fruit boxes for the office—including our conventionally grown mixes—you'll see organic strawberries. If clients would like conventional strawberries, we recommend that they call us to request this option. We only offer conventional strawberries in bulk-case formats.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our strawberry policy or anything else at 1-877-FRUIT-ME (877-378-4863) or info@fruitguys.com

Snack Smarter!

Introducing a smarter way to snack! Our new 1-oz snack packs are the perfect‪ size to satisfy a craving, and the ideal companion to a piece of our delicious farm-fresh fruit. Visit fruitguys.com/snacks for more info. Call us now at 1-877-378-4863 or email us at info@fruitguys.com to start snacking smarter.