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The GCC is offering 50% reduction for local governments who sign on to use SMARTTool before February 24th, 2012.

Learn about using the Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) data for target-setting. Feb. 2, 1:30pm

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New Development Permit Area (DPA) Guide

Find out how to use your DPA authority to conserve energy, conserve water and/or reduce GHG emissions.

BC's Climate Action Lists are Now Posted

Get inspired by the ways BC Local Governments are taking action. Discover ideas for your community.

For 2010, a total of 162 governments submitted a Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) report by program deadline and were included in the subsequent analysis. The results were compiled in CARIP Action Lists.

The CARIP reports and Action Lists provide valuable insight into the wide range of climate actions being implemented by BC local governments to move forward on their Climate Action Charter goals.

Download the Action Lists, Summary and the Highlights for ideas of actions to consider undertaking in your own community.

The Climate Action Lists are in searchable Excel format which are divided by size of community, corporate and community actions and a variety of action categories.

The Climate Action Lists Summary and Highlights give an overview of the results of the CARIP report.

More details about CARIP data and application can be found here:

Questions regarding the lists? Please contact:
Narissa Chadwick, Senior Planner
Intergovernmental Relations and Planning Branch,
Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
Tel.: 250 387‐8781, E‐mail:

2012 CARIP Grant Application Deadline

The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) grant applications are being accepted until February 17, 2012

CARIP is a grant program that provides funding to Climate Action Charter signatories equivalent to 100 percent of the carbon taxes they pay directly.

Find information on how to apply and eligibility requirements here.

For more  funding sources for local government climate action initiatives visit the Toolkit: 

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