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09 February 2016 - latest news

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We’re enjoying checking our structures out with informed and interested colleagues here in the UK, though we’re aware that there will be a lot more triangulating to do with international colleagues before firming up our ideas. Since the new year we have been working with Professors Margaret Brown and David Speigelhalter, both experts in their own right, and we’re grateful to them for joining the conversations so energetically.  

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Question 10 - Experience and assessment

Our current work is on the mapping of the maths content. We’re using the big ideas of Lynn Arthur Steen and others (On the Shoulders of Giants). One of the interesting things about the writing of Banchoff, Stewart et al. is that they make reference to experiences that students could be provided with well in advance of formalising them. Reflecting on our own UK curriculum, it seems that students are expected to meet, internalise and be assessed on new content in very short periods of time. We think we will be challenging that view.

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"Snowflake Seashell Star"

You are invited to take part in a survey as part of our continuing development of the Cambridge Mathematics Framework. The findings will help us understand better key aspects of mathematics education in your jurisdiction including curriculum coherence, curriculum support, assessment and interdisciplinary connections.

Your responses will make an important contribution to our understanding of the context surrounding mathematics education for 5 -19 year old students across a variety of countries.

For all those completing the survey, we are pleased to offer a free copy of  “Snowflake Seashell Star”, a book by Alex Bellos, the award winning writer on popular mathematics.

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